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Have politics changed since the day of kings and queens? Not really

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Have politics changed since the day of kings and queens? Not really

By Mark Young


I think Conservatives and liberals can agree on one thing: The ending of Game of Thrones was the worst possible way to end one of the most popular shows ever made.

I say that with little confidence, however. After all, 33% of Americans still think Biden is doing a good job.

That’s a lot of people who are still part of the zombie horde, incapable of rational thought. Again, follow the science.

Liberals are part of the zombie army that stood against John Snow and that hot little dragon queen.

I’m also a little late to the Netflix game and just recently watched The Last Kingdom. These kinds of shows really dig deep into the treachery of the times and I began to wonder if politics have really changed since the days of kings and queens.

World leaders who are essentially medieval kings in today’s political environment haven’t changed at all. Leaders like Putin and Kim Jong-un have shown they have no issues with killing those who oppose them, or at the very least throw their opponents into the dungeon.

For the most part, with the exception of Hillary Clinton perhaps, American politicians don’t resort to killing people who know things about them. But the treacherous games, played mostly by left-wing politicians, have certainly come to light in recent years.

The American version of Game of Thrones may be somewhat less barbaric, but is certainly equally devious.

We can look at instances of that throughout America’s history. Some of our Founding Fathers and those who followed pulled no punches when it came to running dirty campaigns.

But through the first century or so of our history, those who sought power were for the most part out in the open with their disdain for their political opponents. You basically knew where they stood, no matter how low they went.

Modern era leaders, and perhaps even more so, their political minions within organized political power groups became more sneaky – but equally treacherous – as the Kennedy family began to rise to power.

Republicans weren’t immune to devious behavior under Nixon, but let’s be honest here, it has been mostly democrats who jumped into America’s game of thrones. The dirty politics playbook has been written by the left – and I’d argue written mostly by the Kennedy’s – and mastered by the Clintons.

The media, of course, allied themselves with the left – to my best recollection – since the 1960s. I don’t even think the media knew just how powerful it was until Walter Cronkite got on the evening news and declared that the Vietnam war could not be won.

Essentially overnight, Americans agreed simply because Cronkite said it. Once the media realized its own power, it just got worse from there.

Cronkite, of course, was dead wrong. The Vietnam war could have been won had it not been for the politicians in charge, to include both democrat and Republican.

But the depth of our own game of thrones largely went unnoticed by the majority of Americans until President Donald Trump came along.

It’s easy to say that Trump exposed the so-called swamp. It’s easy to say that not many realized just how deep that swamp is, and the horrible political beasts who live within.

It goes much deeper than just to point out the swampy waters of D.C. There is a dangerous game being played in our nation’s capital and the American people have simply been the expendable pawns.

That’s what Trump’s presidency has revealed about the left. It’s not just swamp creatures or dirty politics. No, the left has sunk to the level of committing actual crimes, lying to our faces and have committed actual acts of treason.

It’s why the Conservative silent majority is finally speaking out because we’ve seen it and can never unsee it. What happened to Trump made us realize we’ve been kept in the dark to what is actually happening. 

Except for liberals, of course.

I have a Facebook friend who posted the other day that she is aware that things under Biden are not great, but then went on to say the crazy liberal thing that Biden still has more accomplishments than Trump.

The liberal mental disorder is strong in this one.

Understanding how brutal politics were in the days of kings and queens and how it relates to today, always reminds me also that I know I was born in the wrong century.

At least back in those days, armies lined up against one another on the battlefield and charged those they disagreed with, with axes and swords.

I realize I’m a little different in that I will say it out loud, but I don’t have a problem with returning to that kind of era.

I don’t say that to promote violence, but I understand the reality that this country is infected with enemies.

Maybe it’s the old paratrooper in me, but my mindframe remains, and always has been, if you have an enemy who is intent on destroying your country, well, picking up a sword and charging them isn’t necessarily out of the realm of reality.

Oh how I can feel the politically correct get triggered for me saying that, but too bad, so sad.

For now, our weapon of choice is our vote. It’s much more civil to simply vote our enemies out of office once they reveal that they want to fundamentally change everything this nation was founded upon.

But as our enemies play a deeper level of game of thrones and play political games that weaken our vote, we will have to draw the line somewhere.

I don’t think we are at the point of drawing swords, and I don’t believe that because of what Trump has exposed about how leftist politics are being played in the mud. Trump has saved this country in more ways than one, but his greatest legacy will be the exposure of America’s game of thrones. 

But in order to keep the battlefield at the polls and not on a blood-stained field, we must, as always, remain vigilant. We must stand against the enemy and ensure that the left is rendered incapable of stripping away our freedoms by using the political system for our own gains.

That starts at home and then expands to the state level and then the national level. I will say this over and over again: A nation is built from the community outward, not by the federal government inward.

We’ll get back to the local politica scene next time around. I am already learning some things about some of the candidates I could not speak much about in my initial overview of our local elections.

You will not like what I have learned about some.

Stay vigilant my fellow patriots. We have a war to win and God bless each of you as I write this on Easter Sunday. He is risen.

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