Dennis Cooley, Publisher and Managing Editor, Manatee Herald

I need your help.

Manatee County is under attack. I don’t mean to sound overly dramatic, however, this isn’t the same small town it once was. Our county is facing a force we have not seen at this magnitude before. The force I speak of is the liberal news and its dominance in our market. I’m not sure how that happened in a conservative community like Manatee County, but sadly it did. We can’t afford to have the only liberal views being represented as its potential to attract people with these viewpoints and change our way of life. It is for this reason, I started a new news outlet to not only give conservatives a voice but also to protect my hometown. I hope you will join me in this fight to save our community with support for Manatee Herald.

The subscription-based news service model is dead. People demand free access to news as they should. Pay-walls and other subscription sites are steadily losing readership and revenue. Staying the course could mean these news companies will have to close their doors. I need your help.  Donations and advertising dollars are the only way I can afford to pay local journalist and keep this website up.  Please join me in this effort.  Your investment in Manatee Herald is an investment in our community and an investment in the greater movement to protect our livelihood by ensuring we have a conservative voice represented in our local news. – Dennis

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