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Let’s Talk with Jason Bearden, Candidate, Manatee Board of County Commissioners, At Large.

Jason Bearden is a Republican and he is passionate about Liberty.  He is a candidate for the At Large seat on the Manatee Board of County Commissioners.  

Mark Young is the host of this episode of Let’s Talk.  You know Mark as the opinion writer for Manatee Herald with the column, “Tales of the Mark Side, The Conservative Voice of Manatee County”.  Mark will help you get to know Jason as they sit down to talk about Jason’s campaign, his experiences, and what motivates him.

“Jason Bearden is an accomplished entrepreneur, National non-profit leader, speaker and Iraqi combat veteran. He served in the United States Marine Corps for over eight years and completed his service as a Marine Corps Scout Sniper Team Leader and Staff Sergeant (E-6). Jason also holds an Executive MBA from the University of South Florida.” www.votebearden.com

“Jason knows that smart growth is good growth and that you can’t have the first without the second. He knows that it’s going to take strong leadership and dedication to prepare our county for the future and he’s committed to making smart decisions to protect Manatee county.” www.votebearden.com

Jason can be reached at his website.  He is also active on social media.

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