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Voting rights: the biggest liberal lie of all

By Mark Young


When I was about five or six years old or so, we were living in Auburn Ala. My dad got a yearlong stint as Auburn University’s ROTC commander.

He was recently back from Vietnam and I think the Army just wanted to put him in a safe place out of the way for a while. I wish our family could have done the same, but that’s another story. He was a wee bit on the violent side for a bit.

Anyway, I came home from school one day and couldn’t find our cat so I naturally turned to my mother and asked what happened. Instead of telling me the truth that the cat was squashed on a nearby rural highway by a semi-truck, mom said she ran off to get married.

My very young mind immediately pictured her in a little white wedding gown in a church filled with other cats. I can still remember that exact image some 50 years later. It was a nice image and I walked away still sad that our cat was gone, but happy that she had found another cat to spend her life with.

It’s what you call a harmless white lie.

What liberals are doing by calling existing voting rights racist and calling for the protection of those rights by enacting federal control and bringing an end to voter ID laws is not a harmless white lie.

Like all of their lies, it continues to be effective with the liberal zombie horde who can’t think for themselves because they somehow believe showing an ID to vote is “voter suppression,” and racist.

Sure do wish someone on the left can explain that to me, but I’m not sure they even can. They just go along with whatever their cult leaders say with a total disregard for common sense.

Let’s look at the term, “Voting rights.”

It sure sounds good on its surface, doesn’t it? But like everything that sounds like common sense, the liberals in this country have distorted what it really means.

Anyone paying attention knew this was coming after the pandemic was used to pervert the 2020 election cycle by various states overriding their own state constitutions to conduct an unprecedented mail-out of ballots to every citizen in the state, registered or not. Those election supervisors didn’t even know if those citizens were still living in the same place, nor did they know if those ballots were being returned by the person they sent them to.

We’ve seen how the liberal government can and will subvert their own citizens to gain more power for themselves by any means necessary and the COVID “public health emergency,” was the prototype of how far liberals will strip your freedoms away given a chance.

The pandemic fears allowed millions of votes to be counted without having to prove who they were and the alleged Biden victory was the result of that debacle. Is it any wonder that liberals want to make that style of an election the norm? Is there any wonder why millions of Americans still question the validity of the 2020 election?

That’s the basis of Biden’s so-called “voting rights” bill. It allows the federal government to dictate to states how they can run their elections.

It strips away voter ID requirements. It expands the kind of massive mailout of ballots we saw during the 2020 election and does nothing to prevent ballot harvesting by democrat operatives who are hired in nursing homes to vote for the mentally incapacitated elderly.

Mark my words, they will use Omicron – a mild cold for most – in an attempt to avoid a historic loss this November. This alleged voting rights legislation is that attempt.

This effort by liberals isn’t strengthening voter rights. It’s diluting those rights. It’s taking the concern from millions of Americans in the last election who felt “my vote didn’t matter,” to a whole new level.

So they do what liberals always do. They lie to get their way.

Texas was lambasted by liberals and their media allies for strengthening the integrity of their elections, while the new law actually makes it easier for everyone to vote. You just have to prove who you say you are. Imagine that.

Georgia is trying to do the same so Biden takes a trip to the Peach State to push his voting rights reform, except again, it’s not reform.

If you remember, when Georgia began this process to strengthen voter integrity, Major League Baseball moved the all-star game to Colorado, which has stricter voter regulations than what Georgia is even proposing.

Even MLB at some point had to say, “oops.”

But again, that’s how easy it is to manipulate half this country who are just itching to jump on the latest liberal woke action. They don’t bother to find out if it’s based on lies or not, which it almost always is. They just act and react without consequence.

Facing crisis after crisis both at home and abroad, Biden’s priority is to visit Georgia to push yet another false narrative in an attempt to ensure the left continues to gain power.

Biden had the nerve to stand up in front of a mostly college crowd and tell America that we have to choose to be either on the side of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or former Alabama Gov. George Wallace, a known racist in his own right. Biden said we had to choose between Abraham Lincoln or President of the illegitimate Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis.

I think Biden and Harris have the same speech writer given the fact that Harris compared Jan. 6 to 9-11 and Pearl Harbor.

Someone needs to drug test those folks.

Biden essentially played the racist card yet again and said if you didn’t agree with him, you were on the side of a former racist governor or southern slave-loving traitor.


Wallace was a bit of a mentor to Biden. Biden once said that his hometown was in southern Delaware so he had more in common with “Dixie” than northern Delaware. Biden’s best friend was the late Sen. Robert Byrd, a former KKK grand wizard.

Biden gave the eulogy at Byrd’s funeral.

And now Biden thinks we are racist because we don’t agree with his newly found progressive policies? He thinks it’s racist to expand early voting to make it easier to vote? It’s racist to want everyone who votes to prove who they are before voting?

It’s not only nonsense, it’s just absurd that the left thinks making voting easier while strengthening election integrity by ensuring a voter is who they say they are is “voter suppression.”

But then again, look at New York City’s recent move to allow 800,000 non American citizens to vote in city elections. That’s what this federal government under progressive control ultimately wants for the nation, which is why they are letting in millions of illegal immigrants into the country regardless of who they are, who they’ve killed or raped, or how much drugs they are carrying with them.

Yep, forget the Constitution. That’s the liberal way.

That’s why they believe the Constitution is an outdated document that requires change.

Well, we don’t. We know better.

Using words like “voter suppression” and “racist” is yet again just another liberal political ploy. Words have power and liberals know they can sell a freezer to their eskimo voters if they think it would help.

These high-level lies must be called out at every opportunity. We will never be able to stop them from lying. It’s just who they are and what they do. That’s partly why this fight will be so exhausting because it will never end.

And that’s why we cannot let up and counter this nonsense. Speak the truth loud and proud my fellow patriots. Never stop. It’s how we win. The truth is always on our side and it is our greatest weapon in this war between good and evil.


By Mark Young

Mark Young is a U.S. Army veteran and a seasoned journalist of 25 years. His writing and reporting has garnered dozens of state press association and press club awards in Florida, Nebraska and Wyoming for investigative reporting, opinion writing, in-depth reporting and more.

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