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No Kamala, Jan. 6 is not a 9-11 or Pearl Harbor

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No Kamala, Jan. 6 is not a 9-11 or Pearl Harbor

By Mark Young


Once again Kamala Harris presented herself as incompetent on the national stage by comparing the Jan. 6 incident at the capitol to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and Japan’s cowardly surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

Biden didn’t do himself much better by attacking President Donald Trump for much of his Jan. 6 anniversary speech.

It seems to me that the liberals genuinely fear Trump’s return to the political stage. After their performance thus far, they probably should be afraid.

Harris’s comparison of Jan. 6 to two actual days of national tragedy that killed thousands of Americans and set off wars is proof that she has no idea what she is doing. We already knew that, of course, from her massive failures as vice president thus far.

She was essentially trying to say that conservatives are akin to terrorists and foreign invaders. This is a woman who is in way over her head as vice president, was a lousy senator, an inept prosecutor, but cries racism and sexism when criticized for her very real shortcomings.

Can you say narcissist?

It’s clear that the liberals want to politicize Jan. 6 as the latest shiny object to distract their cult members from the fact that their leaders are failing the American people at every level.

It’s just such a predictable and typical move straight out of the liberal playbook. 

And yet, sadly, their liberal following will seize the moment just as they did the fake Russian collusion hoax and every other lie spread by the left and their media allies during the Trump administration.

The liberal mentality is so delusional that they were blaming Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin for all those people being stranded on I-95 after a major snowstorm hit.

Except, Youngkin doesn’t get sworn in until Jan. 15 and isn’t in charge yet. Duh.

That’s the level of ignorance we as conservatives have to battle and overcome on what seems to be a daily basis. It’s exhausting, I know, but we are in this fight and will stay in this fight because our Republic is at stake.

It takes years to convince liberals that what they were duped into believing isn’t true and once we finally achieve that nearly impossible goal, the left’s leadership just throws out a new shiny object to distract them.

It’s scary if you think about how easily manipulated nearly half this country is.

But no Kamala. Jan. 6 is not 911 or Pearl Harbor. Not even close. And no, despite the left’s desire to keep using the term, “armed insurrection,” that too is a bold faced lie that the liberal horde will swallow as easily as the poisoned punch fake preacher Jim Jones convinced 900 people to drink during the Jonestown massacre in Guyana.

The cult mentality is strong in today’s liberals and that’s difficult to overcome even when you hit them over the head with facts and truth.

Things did indeed go south during the Jan. 6 incident, as can happen when a million people mass together with instigators and ANTIFA operatives in the midst.

Several of those George Soros-paid instigators were captured on video yelling at the crowd to march on the capitol. One of those gentlemen was filmed wearing a red MAGA hat and was located on his ranch months later. He has not been charged with any crimes. He has not been interviewed by law enforcement. He refuses to speak to the media.

Hmm. Things that make you say, “Well, things that are interesting,” for $200 Alex.

And of course, it also was interesting that the front doors of the capitol were wide open for people to walk through. Do you remember those images?

If not, it’s not your fault. They don’t show that anymore. They only show the footage of a handful – out of a million – people getting out of control.

People were walking calmly into the capitol and were even staying within the velvet ropes used to herd the tourists through.

Yes, a few actual Trump supporters took things too far, but it is far too suspicious of how easily they were let into the building. Equally suspicious is the fact that Nancy Pelosi turned down multiple requests to increase security, but then used the National Guard as photo ops in the weeks after the incident as some fake point that the right in this country are dangerous people.

It’s a fake narrative that was being plotted and planned from the moment that Manatee County guy walked out of the capitol building with Pelosi’s lectern in hand.

And of course, those troops were treated like garbage by the left’s leadership while they were drawn away from their families and daily life to be used in Pelosi’s ploy.

It’s all just so fake – and convenient I might add – and I’ve never seen so many lies being blatantly told by today’s liberals. They lie, lie and lie and don’t even care. Even when confronted with the fact that they lied, they simply laugh it off and lie again.

All this really boils down to is that liberals don’t care what kind of violence occurs in this country as long as it doesn’t happen to them.

They certainly didn’t care during two-plus years of rioting. They certainly didn’t care as cities and communities burned to the ground. They didn’t care when federal officers were being attacked by the mobs outside federal buildings. They don’t care that violent crimes are spiking in Democrat-controlled cities. They don’t care that the poor are killing each other at record rates.

They not only don’t talk about it, but double down on policies that will guarantee that violent criminals will remain emboldened. Sadly, more people will die on inner city streets and they’ll just go about their luxurious lives funded by taxpayers and won’t say a word. Because they don’t care.

They started to act like they cared a little when crime began to hit places like Beverly Hills and high-end stores in luxury malls were being ransacked.

They haven’t stopped it, however. It’s just that their media allies aren’t reporting on it as much. Because the media doesn’t care about actual people either.

And they only pretend to care about Jan. 6 because their own orchestrated plans to make conservatives look like rebels got a little out of hand.

But they don’t really care. All they care about is how they can use anything and everything to advance a political narrative that will continue to keep their sheep in the voting lines.

They don’t care about the people in this country. They don’t care about America. And they wonder why so many Americans love Trump?

I can sum it up in three words: Trump loves America.

We really, really liked that about him even if we disagreed with a tweet here and there.

And they wonder why we don’t like the left? I can sum that up in three words, too: They hate America.

Trump wants Americans to prosper. The left wants to keep Americans on social programs, keeping them reliant on the government.

Trump wants Americans to use their God-given free will while the left just wants control and power over Americans.

Trump wants to save the foundation of what America is while the left wants to change everything about America.

Yeah, the left should be scared of Trump and, more than that, they should be scared of us. We are awake, are paying attention and just aren’t going to take this liberal nonsense any longer.

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