School Board Candidates Opposing CRT Win Throughout Minnesota

Quick bit: Local school board elections in Minnesota produced numerous victories for anti-CRT/mandate candidates even in some Democrat strongholds.

Full Story:

Independent media outlet AlphaNews reported Wednesday, Matt Audette, who opposes teaching the tenets of CRT and mask and vaccine mandates, defeated Dave Dirkswager by over 30 points in the Anoka-Hennepin school district.

Cinta Schmitz, a conservative, won her special election bid for an open school board seat in Lakeville.

Schmitz beat out opponent Carly Anderson with fewer than 200 votes after running on a platform of ensuring “parents are well represented in decisions impacting the direction of our schools and the education of their children.”

Her priorities included:

Allow parents to make medical decisions for their kids including decisions regarding masks and vaccines.
Keep divisive policies that teach racism and intolerance of people with different ethnic backgrounds or skin colors – whether it is called CRT or any other equity-related term – OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS.

Eric Tessmer, who voiced his opposition to CRT and his district’s “Racial Equity and Inclusion Policy,” won his race for a seat on the school board in South Washington County where he ran with three other conservatives.

He posted to his campaign website:

Using our outward differences to divide us is destructive and simply wrong. In America, hard work, determination, and personal responsibility can mean prosperity for anyone who is willing and able to try. CRT and its off-shoots are harmful to our children and our community. This theory has no place in K-12 education and should be abolished for traditional curriculum in math, science, technology, and language arts.

“Tessmer secured the fourth-most votes in the race, earning him one of four available seats,” reported AlphaNews.

Maureen Eigen also defeated Jeff Patience in the Alexandria School Board special election.

Eigen, who reportedly described herself during her campaign as a “woman of faith with conservative values,” explained her opposition to CRT in a recent Facebook post:

I am not against CRT because I want to maintain my power. I oppose CRT because I believe it does not empower students of color. It teaches oppressive mindsets, and furthers segregation. We are all unique individuals and our primary identity is not our skin color.

“I don’t oppose CRT because of any political agenda,” Eigen asserted. “I oppose it because it’s not right.”

As Breitbart News reported, Ryan James Girdusky’s 1776 Project PAC has helped numerous candidates across the country win their local school board elections.

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