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Trump: Make America Great. Biden: Make illegal immigrants rich

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Trump: Make America Great. Biden: Make illegal immigrants rich

By Mark Young


I hope everyone had a great Halloween and here’s a Halloween pro tip for you: When holding out the bowl of candy to give the kids an option on what to take, don’t ask the kiddies, “What’s your poison?”

Parents apparently don’t find that as funny as I do.

What’s scarier than Halloween is the continued policies coming out of the White Horror House.

OK, OK, that was a lousy segway, but let’s continue anyway.

Sen. Rand Paul, on Sunday, wins the best quote of the week when he said: “It’s hard with Biden to know if it’s corruption or incompetence.”

On any singular subject, that’s true at times, but I’m pretty sure it’s a combination of both overall. There is plenty of corruption proof relating to Biden’s family.

I’m happy to list them for my liberal following who are probably being kept in the dark by their fake news outlets, but I’d rather have this time with you today to dive into the illegal immigration debacle.

I don’t like playing the role of Captain Obvious, but clearly Biden’s reversal of Trump’s immigration policies and leaving millions of dollars of wall fencing that we paid for just laying on the ground has been an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions.

Instead of doing something to stem the tide of illegal immigration, Biden now wants to settle a ridiculous lawsuit filed by greedy lawyers who want compensation for illegal immigrants “traumatized” by Trump’s policies.

Each illegal immigrant will get close to a half million dollars and close to a million dollars for a family of illegal immigrants if Biden gets what he wants.

A lot of people are saying he doesn’t have the Constitutional authority but here’s the thing: I’m pretty sure he doesn’t need congressional authorization if it’s a legal settlement so, in short, he could actually make this happen.

Now I ask you, is that corruption or incompetence? The answer again, is both.

We all know the democrats like to flood this country with illegal immigrants, give them free stuff like medical and education, and now a ton of cash, all in an effort to keep pushing for illegal immigrants to have the right to vote, assuming illegal immigrants will help turn a conventionally close electoral tide.

It goes back to what I keep saying in that Democrats will always do whatever is necessary to hold power even if it means the destruction of all we value in our Republic.

It doesn’t matter that apparently there is no pandemic outside of our “borders” so those flooding into the country clearly have no health issues whatsoever.

It doesn’t matter that the drug cartels and sex traffickers are exploiting Democratic policies for huge financial gains that will no doubt lead to furthering opioid epidemic deaths and sexual violence victims.

It doesn’t matter that known terrorists are in these groups of illegal immigrants getting easy access into the country.

It doesn’t matter that Americans have, and will be again, killed and sexually assaulted by criminal illegal immigrants who have been caught time and again, but let go by liberal sanctuary cities who refuse to cooperate with ICE.

Democrats don’t care if you live or die, your money or if your quality of life plummets. They consistently prove that, but it doesn’t matter to them because all they care about is themselves and maintaining power.

It’s partly why they make this constant push to open our borders to what they view are future voters for them if they give these illegal immigrants enough “free” stuff paid for by the rest of us.

The other part of their strategy, and I know I’ve said this already, but to keep voters ignorant of the truth. Those aren’t my words. Again, it’s their own words in the DNC emails.

At last report, there were some 1.7 million encounters with illegal immigrants at the border under Biden’s policies.

Keep in mind that’s just the recorded encounters. There are estimates of some 700,000 who got into the country without being caught, but I’d estimate that the estimate is a tad low.

In short, we went from record low illegal immigration under Trump to record highs under Biden.

It’s been 10 months of one disaster after another. The scary part is that Biden still hasn’t had a single legislative victory. All of this madness was created by executive orders and horrible decisions as the so-called commander-in-chief.

The rest of our destruction continues to be debated in Congress by his actual legislation.

I just keep going back to those who voted for Biden just because they didn’t like Trump as a person. It’s insanity to vote personality over policy and the proof is grounded in the last 10 disastrous months.

And all the left can do when confronted with these facts is continue to say, “Oh, orange man bad.”

They start an anti-Trump argument because that’s still all they know from four years of brainwashing by the left and their media partners without having a clue as to the historic accomplishments Trump achieved.

The more I learn about how the liberal brain works, the harder I try to say, “It’s not their fault. They can’t help it.”

I’m sorry to be blunt here. Well, no I’m never sorry for being blunt, but if you think for a hot minute that Biden is somehow being successful like some 33% of an ignorant segment of our society does, there is something mentally wrong with you well beyond the typical weird brain development of a liberal.

So I can’t say, “It’s not their fault. They can’t help it.”

It is their fault and they can help it, which is why it is more important than ever to realize there are enemies among us and we must remain vigilant.

Votes matter, demands for transparency and accountability matter at all levels of government and we must never get complacent when standing guard at the gates of freedom.

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