Survey: 38% of Remote Workers Regularly Work from Bed

Axios reports that according to a recent study by the home improvement marketing firm CraftJack, 45 percent of American remote workers regularly work from a couch, while 38 percent say they regularly work from bed and 20 percent often work outside.

Craftjack surveyed 1,520 Americans who worked entirely or primarily from home between June 16 – 25 2021.

While some workers have been able to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to set up home offices and workstations as many were forced to work remotely during the pandemic, most others have not had such a luxury.

Many remote workers, especially those living in cities, have been working in shared spaces with roommates or family members and working without desks. A new sector for outfitting remote workers has appeared during the pandemic and some tech companies like Dropbox are offering large work from home stipends, but most employees have to do everything themselves.

The report from CraftJack states:

Next, we asked where people are actually sitting and working. Not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated home office, and even when they do, it often needs to be shared with partners and children. Seventy-one percent of the people we surveyed said they are “improvising” with respect to their workspace. One in three (32 percent) said they work from a proper office, but nearly as many (31 percent) say their bedroom is their office. Yikes!

It doesn’t stop there. Two out of three remote workers (65 percent) have worked from their beds during the pandemic and one in three (35 percent) have worked from a closet. Some have made a habit of using these unorthodox spots: 45 percent work from a couch regularly; 38 percent work from a bed regularly; 20 percent work outdoors regularly; and 19 percent work from a closet regularly.

Without question, this is a world that would be unrecognizable to most professionals even a decade ago.

People have reportedly spent an average of $268 trying to improve their home workstation setups, but almost 50 percent still say that the pain and discomfort of working from home is enough to make them want to return to the office.

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