Faye Dunaway has officially replaced Vanessa Redgrave in L’uomo Che Disegno Dio (“The Man Who Drew God”).

The -year-old actress will play a major role opposite Kevin Spacey, who is making his big screen return in the film, following accusations of sexual assault in the recent years.

The film is said to be about a blind artist who has an ability from God to draw portraits of people just by listening to their voice, who goes on to become a television star.

Franco Nero is set to direct the movie. He is also the real life husband of Vanessa, who later pulled out of the movie because of Kevin starring.

“He was a very easy, easy man [to deal with],” Louis Nero, a producer and of no relation to Franco, revealed about Kevin‘s part in the flick. “Both Franco [Nero, lead and director] and I think Kevin is one of the best actors of a generation. We don’t want to go into the private matter. He’s still a great actor.”

If you didn’t see, there’s a remake coming of one of Faye‘s iconic films.

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