Every week we get at least one or two (maybe three) bumbling Biden videos.


It just depends how much his Handlers allow him to be out and about – it also depends on how he’s feeling.

Someone in Biden’s mental condition has good and bad days.

And this latest clip in a Michigan ice cream shop is a “bad day.”

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A really, really bad, bad day…

While Biden was shuffling around the ice cream shop, someone (assume it was a repoter) asked Biden about Russia…and that one simple question went off the rails real quick.

At first it appeared as if Biden was going to try and actually answer the question himself, but you could tell he was out of it, totally confused and slurring his words.

Next thing you know, Joe’s digging aound in his jacket, and appears to pull out something that looks an awful lot like his previouss “prepared flashcards” we’ve seen him use — he then appears to use the “flashcards” to help respond to the question.

Absolutely frightening.


You can watch the video below:

Biden gets asked about Russia……he can’t manage an answer without pulling out a flash card.

This is frightening. pic.twitter.com/hw1JjhpMts

— Femme (@RealBasedMAGA) July 3, 2021

Here’s what people had to say about the alarming clip:

“Truly sad and an embarrassment to this great strong country. To show such weakness on this particular weekend is painful to witness.”

“Sundowners syndrome. That’s why his handlers call a lid most days by noon.”

“He needed the notes to find out that he himself directed the full resources to investigate? This puppet does nothing but read scripts and eat ice cream!”

“WTF all his videos are scary but for some reason this one really scares me. He’s totally lost it.”

“He serious looks and acts like a poor elderly man who just escaped from assisted living facility to try and buy something. Someone else pulling ALL the strings – Jill, Kamala, Pelosi, etc. We know Eleanor basically ran Whitehouse by later part of Roosevelt’s reign..”

“What a freaking BAFFOON! Understand that ALL the world, and especially the DESPOTS/TOTALITARIANS, SEE how far gone he is! We are ALL less safe because of him being POTUS! This EMBOLDENS out enemies and rivals alike!”

“He is pitiful and weak so deranged and lost!!!”

This is shameful that our government allowss this elder abuse to go on…but it says a lot about what they think of us.


Our government truly thinks we’re all stupid and eassily controlled.

After the COVID nightmare, maybe they’re right.


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