Billy Boyd Says ‘There Was Almost Nudity’ in Peter Jackson’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ Movies

Billy Boyd is revealing something surprising about Lord of the Rings!

A few weeks ago, reports began circulating that the upcoming Amazon television series, which based on J.R.R. Tolkein‘s fantasy series, had hired an intimacy coach and was requesting that actors be comfortable with nude scenes.

Fans reacted to the rumors with a petition asking nudity be left out of the show, which has garnered nearly 49,000 signatures, per People.

During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, LOTR actors Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan weighed in on the controversy and shared that nudity almost made it into Peter Jackson‘s trilogy!

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Billy, who played Peregin “Pippin” Took in the blockbuster movies, said: “[Screenwriter and producer] Philippa Boyens … wrote a scene, because we’d been doing some kind of gags and winding people up … [that] she said, ‘Oh, it’s a new scene we’re filming next week, with the Ents. When [Dominic‘s character] Merry and Pippin are up Treebeard, he gets afraid and shakes his branches, which makes you guys fall … and as you hit all the branches on the way down, by the time you hit the ground, you’re naked. And Merry turns to Pippin and says, ‘It’s cold, isn’t it?’ And Pippin says, ‘Hold me, Merry.’”

The actor said he immediately called Dominic to let him know.

“I call up Dom and I said, ‘Have you seen this new scene? … We’re naked!’” he said.

Dominic said he was “kind of into” the idea of appearing naked in the films, adding, “I have a really fantastic a–. I thought, ‘Now is the time to get it out.’”

The new Lord of the Rings series is expected to premiere on Amazon in 2021.

It was recently revealed that the show is estimated to be the most expensive TV show ever made. Find out how much it cost to make here!

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