The state of Georgia is a mess when it comes to election integrity, thanks to anti-Trump GOP RINO Brad Raffensperge, who is the disgraced secretary of state.


However, thanks to massive public outcry, Brad and his official stooges are forced to address the election integrity issues.

And one of the ways they’re doing that is with the voter rolls…and what they just uncovered has officials scrambling and liberals fuming.

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Western Journal reported that on Friday, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger released the names of tens of thousands of those who will be purged from voter rolls if they do not take a few moments to update their information.

WSB-TV Atlanta reported that, as sinister as purging tens of thousands of people from voter rolls may sound to those who insist on perceiving all standard election procedure as oppression and bigotry, it’s all a legal procedure. And not only are those set to be removed largely simply missing updated addresses, but even the massive discovery that information for more than 100,000 voters might be out of date is a mere fraction of what it has been in past years.


“The vast majority of the more than 101,000 people on the list submitted change of address forms to the post office or had returned election mail,” the outlet reported.

These people now have 40 days to check their status online and update it accordingly, or they will be removed from the list.

As you can imagine, the left is using this as a way to trumpet their favorite claim: that voter integrity is “racist.”


The left wants NOTHING close to “integrity” when it comes to voting.

They can’t win that way.

They need relaxed rules, chaos, and a lot of mail-in ballots in order to win anything these days.

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