20. Which of your characters has been the hardest to prepare for?

I think all of them have had their challenges in their own ways, and that’s what I love about what I do. I get to be a chameleon and I get to play a million different characters and walk in a million different shoes. I would say, though, my character in The Stand, Julie Lawry, was a challenge in a new way, in that she’s a person who’s very different from who I am. In a lot of ways [it was] very uncomfortable for me as a person [to play her], given the language she uses and sort of her opinions about certain people.

You have to find a way, especially when you’re playing a villain, through it to give you some human piece as well. I used her as a kind of a cautionary tale and an example of who not to be in this world. You know, that’s something all of us are doing right now, we’re reexamining our society and the way in which we speak and the things that are not okay, that have just become normal in our world, and Julie sort of serves as an example of something that’s not okay. I’m hoping that people will look at her not as an example of condoning that behavior, but as an example of highlighting how absurd and horrible it is.

21. What aspects of Clary from Shadowhunters, Mia from Arrow, and even Julie from The Stand were you able to personally identify with?

As far as Clary, she has this undying sense of hope, and this loyalty to the people that she loves. She will literally do anything, risk anything, for them. While I’ve never been in such dire situations as Clary, I do the same thing, I really give my whole heart to the people that I love. I’m a stubborn optimist.

As far as Mia goes, she is a survivor, and she’s a fighter, and she will not give up when it comes to anything, no matter how much work it takes. That’s sort of akin to my own work ethic.

When it comes to Julie, there’s not a lot that I relate to her on, but she loves a good pair of shoes, which I also love a good pair of shoes. She really does try to live life to the fullest and that’s something that I aspire to do, not in the same way that she does, but in a much more productive and constructive way.

22. Looking back, which moment from Shadowhunters are you most proud of?

Oh goodness, there are so many. I’ll say two. The season finale of Season 2, when we did the whole Lake Lyn bit with Clary killing Valentine and saving Jace. When I read the books, that was one of my favorite segments and I knew how much the fans cared about that because it’s such an iconic piece in the book. I was so proud of all of us, from the crew to Dom [Sherwood] and Alan [Van Sprang] and myself, and everybody. We left it all in that mud pit. I remember getting home at 5 a.m. from shooting that scene and I literally could not stand up and shower because I was so exhausted. We’d been crying for like 16 hours and it just turned out to be such a beautiful, raw, emotional, and badass piece that I think served the book very well.

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