The Democrats keep pushing solar energy as a way to save our planet from extinction. Over the last 50 years, there has been over a HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS in government subsidies for the solar energy industry. In spite of this unprecedented tax dollar investment, solar energy only accounts for less than 4% of American electricity. 

The problem that the environmental industry refuses to discuss is the  huge toxic waste that is being created by solar energy production. According to a report in National Review, solar energy creates 300 times more toxic waste per unit of electricity than nuclear power plants. 

Solar power uses sulfuric acid and toxic phosphine gas in the production process. Solar power waste, lead and cadmium, can remain in the environment forever because they do not break down into a less harmful state. 

The other huge detriment with solar power is the large amount of natural land that is displaced with the assembly of solar panels. The solar panels create intense heat increases in the microclimate that surrounds the panels. This is known to adversely affect the surrounding wildlife. 

Environmentalists like to promote wind and solar energy as pristine operations that work with nature to save our planet. 

The average Democrat accepts this misinformation as gospel without looking at the facts. 

Solar power requires huge swaths of land to produce minimal amounts of electricity. Huge swaths of land will also be needed to dispose of these solar panels as they age out. No plans have been made to safely dispose of these toxic panels without causing tremendous damage to our environment. 

This is typical Democrat solutions. They find inefficient technologies and invest billions of taxpayer dollars because it makes them feel good to  “save the planet.”  When the actual reality sets in, the Democrat leaders jump on their private jets and fly off into the sunset. The voters are left with an environmental and economic mess. 

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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