Any male above the age of 50 probably received some form of corporal punishment while attending school. Males (for our Democrat readers we are referring to a human with a penis) are programmed to push boundaries in their school years and inevitably, in the past, such behavior led to corporal punishment. 

I often trudged to the principal’s office with the dread that the paddle would be used on me. I was fortunate to have a principal that would administer the paddle and then he would let me slip out a side door so that I would have time to compose myself when I encountered my buddies. 

This essential tool helped my teachers control the classroom which led to students gaining knowledge. 

As we all know, the paddle was removed as an educational tool many years ago. For many reasons, teachers had to rely on the threat of suspension to keep order in the classroom.

It did not take long for the leftists Democrats to determine that minority students were being suspended at a higher rate than non-minority students. 

Obama’s Department of Education was populated by leftist social workers with college degrees. They investigated many school districts with disparate suspension rates. Milwaukee and New York City instituted policies that lowered suspension rates.

While Trump was in office, the Department of Education did not continue the fight against suspensions. As soon as Biden was elected, the leftists in control of the Department of Education began pushing to reduce suspensions. 

The Wall Street Journal reported on this trend and noted that most teachers have seen the results of less suspensions: violence, disorder and chaos. 

The Journal reported on one district that made a decision to move away from suspension in their schools. By the end of the year, a THIRD of the staff had quit and every one of these teachers cited student behavior as the primary reason they quit. 

As we often see with our Democrat friends, common sense is in short supply. Remove discipline and the threat of discipline from the classroom and chaos ensues. 

Democrats have become so concerned about students that misbehave. They are sure that these students are just misunderstood and often are the victims of “white privilege.” Democrats don’t understand that by showing compassion to those who misbehave, they condemn the majority of students to an inferior education. 

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty conducted a study that showed that soft discipline is harmful to the well behaved students. Students report feeling less safe in schools as suspension rates decline. 

As we know, most of the leaders of the Democrat party have their children in elite private schools. They are in schools that enforce discipline so students can learn. 

Democrats have shown the same love of chaos as they have refused to punish criminals in the cities the Democrats control. In these cities, the law abiding citizens suffer the consequences of this folly. 

Recently, some school districts have turned away from the Democrat policy of decreasing suspensions of misbehaving students. In these districts, teachers and students feel safer. Of course the Democrats are upset and the Biden administration is attempting to withhold federal funds from these districts.

Thankfully, in Florida, we don’t follow these idiotic Democrat policies.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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