California Democrats continue to push leftist dogma that allows criminals to be released from prison. George Soros and the leftist Democrats have been pushing the theory that minority groups have been the victims of systemic racism which has put them in prison at a rate higher than other ethnic groups. They refuse to concede that blacks may be committing crimes at a higher rate than other ethnic groups. 

In 2020, California passed a law called the California Racial Justice Act. According to Heather MacDonald, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute, every felon serving time in California prisons and jails can “retroactively challenge his conviction and sentencing on the grounds of systemic bias.”

The law does NOT require the prisoner to show that the police officers, prosecutors, judge or jurors in his case  were motivated by racism or that the legal proceedings were unfair. 

All the convicted criminal has to show is that criminal suspects of his race were prosecuted or convicted more often or more severely than members of other racial groups. If the criminal can show this, he will be entitled to a new trial or sentencing. 

What we are witnessing is the Democrat Party attempting to create anarchy in our country. Our major cities, run by Democrats, are now crime-ridden with members of the public wary of enjoying a normal life. 

In a recent hearing, a felon in San Francisco was contesting his conviction for having a loaded weapon in his car. A “race expert” testified that the arresting officer had used the phrase, “high crime area” which demonstrated his “bias against people of color.” An appeal court agreed with the felon who will now get a new trial. 

Who are the victims of this nonsense? Not the elite Democrat donors who live in gated communities and have bodyguards. The real victims of this insanity are the working class people who live their lives in fear of being accosted by the felons released from prison.

Of course the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is celebrating this assault on public safety. An ACLU lawyer told a law school conference: “We have the potential for something grand: to unravel an unjust system. We are celebrating the dawn of a new era.”

This is an example of what has begun under Democratic regimes and will continue  to accelerate under another Biden Presidency. Black gang members who have been convicted of murder are using this law to get released from prison. 

Do you think this is good for the neighborhoods to which the criminals return? If you believe this is a positive result, by all means, vote for Biden. One leftist city that cheers this law is Oakland. Oakland had a 21% increase in violent crime, a 45% increase in car theft, and a 23% increase in carjackings and burglaries.

In spite of these increases in crime, the Biden Administration insists that releasing criminals is a net-positive for our country. Hopefully, Biden will not be mugged at the beach where he spends most of his summer.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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