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Beware of Democrats arguing that they and they alone will save the environment from evil Republicans. We see locally that polluters of neighborhoods charge Manatee Republicans with ruining the environment. Of course, these rich folks ruin neighborhoods with lax regulations and take advantage of poor people by keeping them in poverty. These hypocrites then say a 5 foot change in the setback rule from wetlands will cause the world to burn up.

In California, governed by Gavin Newsome and the Democrats, falsehoods are deliberately spread and tests are rigged by Democrats to convince their gullible voters that electric vehicles (EVs) are much healthier for the environment. 

California is attempting to convince the Biden administration to allow California to ban gasoline-powered cars by 2035. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that California is not being honest with their claims.

California is claiming that banning gasoline-powered engines will prevent the public from being harmed by airborne particles like dust, dirt and soot. 

In reality, newer gasoline-powered cars are producing less particulate matter because they have particulate filters that reduce emissions. 

California deceptively fails to acknowledge that EVs are much heavier than gasoline-powered cars because their batteries are much heavier. EVs are at least one-third heavier than gasoline-powered vehicles. This extra weight produces much greater pressure on the tires which then creates more friction between the tires and the road. This added friction releases more particulate matter into the atmosphere. This form of particulate matter release is much greater than the release of particulate matter by tailpipes in newer gasoline vehicles. 

California falsely claims that  the particulate matter released from tires is the same for EVs and gasoline-powered vehicles. This is false and California knows it is false but they continue to claim that it is true.

Democrat leaders must assume that since they have been able to convince their voters that men can have babies and need tampons, they can lie to their voters about EVs.

Remember, when Democrats ban gasoline-powered engines, the middle class and poor will be hurt the most. 

If you question why Trump has a lead in Presidential polls, these asinine assertions by Democrat leaders may provide the answer for why so many voters are holding their noses and supporting Trump.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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