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Along with the new year, Lakewood Ranch High School teachers and students welcomed the opening of a new building on their campus.

Building 800 officially opened for classes on Tuesday, January 9, 2024. 

As a special to Manatee Schools Good News, Mustangs Ahead reporters Stephanie Green and Maggie Sugalski provided this report. 

The new $18-million two-story building features over 20 classes and is designed to alleviate campus overcrowding. 

The Manatee School Board approved construction in 2021.

Teachers and students alike are excited to be in the new building.

English teacher Emilio Santoro said, “I am so excited to have a touch screen board now, that brings me back to modern times.”

Social studies teacher Patricia Haeussler said, “My students have lots of ‘ooohs and ahhhhs’ upon entering the classroom! In December, they told me they didn’t want to move, but now they’re enjoying the view and new bathrooms.”

Senior Jon Riley Cooper said, “The building is so clean, and the setup is very nice. I just hope it stays clean.”

Many people can agree with that, especially with the newly laid carpet flooring.

Junior Nadia Gandi said, “The classrooms have a lot of natural light, and the bathrooms are clean with paper towels and full-length mirrors.”

The new building is one of a series of facilities improvements taking place at LRHS.

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