In the political landscape, the Democratic Party and its liberal base have long positioned themselves as the vanguard of inclusion and equality, often casting conservatives in a negative light as racially insensitive or outright racist. However, a recent incident involving Keith Green, an African-American candidate for the Manatee County Commission, raises troubling questions about the sincerity and consistency of these professed liberal values.

Keith Green, the sole African-American candidate in the current election cycle for Manatee County, has become a target of a racially charged attack on social media. This incident sharply contradicts the liberal ethos of inclusivity and underscores a disturbing trend of selective outrage and double standards.

Green, who expressed his support for a proposed parking garage at Manatee Public Beach to alleviate traffic and parking issues, found his views unwelcome in the “Save AMI Cities” Facebook group, an online community formed in response to the State’s recent bill allowing a parking garage to be built on the island and subsequent commission of a study to look at options for potential consolidation of the three island municipalities. Green’s stance, diverging from the group’s consensus, was met not with respectful disagreement but with racial mockery.

An alarming post by a group member, Kevin-Kyle Kaczynski Von Oswald, featured an offensive, racially explicit image of Green, reducing the serious political discourse to a juvenile and bigoted taunt. Shockingly, this blatant act of racism did not receive the condemnation one might expect from a group aligned with liberal values. Instead, the page administrator, Laurel Nevans, engaged with the perpetrator, seemingly more interested in further mockery than in addressing the racist undertone of the post. 

The Manatee Herald is in possession of the offensive image as seen below:

Green’s response, a press release condemning the group’s toxic behavior and highlighting the silence and inaction of his opponent Commissioner George Kruse and District 3 candidate Tal Siddique, paints a picture of a political landscape where liberal claims of championing diversity and inclusion fall flat when confronted with real-world situations.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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