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Hamas: A Barbaric Organization

It is staggering to have  confirmed what many had suspected about the Hamas terrorist’s treatment of women captives. (I refuse to call them soldiers because they do not deserve the title) USA Today has confirmed that female hostages were violently raped whiled held in captivity. 

Israeli doctors reported that released hostages came to the doctors “as patients with the trauma of those who witnessed very severe sexual assaults.” An Israeli official stated; “We know that female hostages were raped during their captivity under control of Hamas.”

Over the years we have witnessed countless horrors perpetrated by Hamas. They have continuously conducted terrorist attacks in the most barbaric manner. 

Hamas still holds 19 women and 2 children as hostages. Many informed people believe that the reason Hamas has not released the remaining hostages is they know the hostages will reveal more sexual assaults that have occurred. 

The United Nations has failed to respond in a significant way to the sexual violence perpetrated by Hamas. The failure of the UN  to act in a responsible manner is further evidence of the uselessness of this organization. The United States pays 25% of the United Nations budget and watches helplessly as the organization works hand-in-hand with the worst actors in the world. 

Around our country, thousands of Palestinians continue to harass Jewish people and other Americans who support Israel. The Democrat Party continues to allow thousands of Palestinians to immigrate to many of our cities. These cities then become controlled by groups that praised Hamas after they killed and raped Israeli civilians. Would we allow Ukranians, who pose for pictures with Nazi flags, to enter our country? No. Yet we allow Palestinians who praise Hamas to walk into our country.

The barbarity of the Palestinians makes the WWII Nazis look like Boy Scouts.  These Palestinians who support Hamas can never be trusted and Israel must not stop pursuing them until they are destroyed. 

In World War II, the United States bombed Nazi positions knowing that innocent Germans would be killed. They did this in order to destroy the Nazis. We must understand that innocent Paestinians will suffer in order to eliminate the barbaric Palestinians who raped their hostages.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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