Under the Biden administration, the United States has become the punching bag of the Iranian mullahs. Biden’s appeasement of Iran in the face of their continued proxy war against the US would make Neville Chamberlain blush. The result has been an Iranian government that does not fear any retaliation when they or their proxies attack Americans or Israelis. 

Hezbollah in Lebanon, a subsidiary organization of Iran, has approximately 150,000 rockets which were supplied by Iran. Hezbollah fires these rockets into Israel on a daily basis. They also fire anti-tank guided missiles into Israel. 

The Houthis in Yemen, another subsidiary of the Iranian government, fires ballistic missiles and cruise missiles towards Israel and towards US military assets in the Middle East. Many  American soldiers have been injured and one contractor was killed in these attacks. 

An Iranian linked group in Syria launched a drone attack that has reached Israel. Iranian backed groups in Syria and Iraq wage war against US forces in those countries. 

Ironically, at the same time these aggressive actions are being initiated by Iran, the Biden administration is releasing money  to Iran because Iran has promised to “be nice.”

Anyone with an IQ higher than 80 can see that the Biden administration’s appeasement of Iran is not resulting in a less aggressive Iran. Just remember, the Democrats told you that reducing the number of police officers would reduce the incidents of crime. How did that work?

This same group of genius Democrat diplomats (an obvious oxymoron) are urging us to release billions of additional dollars to Iran in order to make them behave in a nicer manner. You cannot make this up. Only the people that believe men should be allowed to compete in sporting events against women would believe this Democrat yarn. 

Americans were once united in their recognition of the threat Iran constituted to our country and in the Middle East. Over and over we have witnessed Iran working to destabilize the Middle East. 

The misguided attempts to appease Iran started when we elected Barack Obama as President. He began a determined effort to normalize relations with Iran. He appointed John Kerry as his point man in reaching an accord with Iran over Iran’s attempts to develop nuclear power. Obama and Kerry believed that being nice to Iran would cause them to give up their efforts to develop a nuclear weapon. (Kerry has since moved on to saving the planet from cow farts)

Obama, supposedly an intelligent man, repeated the same mistake that Neville Chamberlain made when he reached a peace accord with Adolph Hitler. John Kerry pleaded with Iran to enter into an agreement with the United States.

When Trump was elected President, he refused to continue the charade that  Iran was being honest about their nuclear intentions. Soon, the Israelis stole Iranian documents that proved the Iranians had been lying to Obama and the Democrats when they claimed they were halting their nuclear weapons program. 

Similarly it is not surprising that the Democrats believed the claims of Hamas when they claimed that they did not conduct military operations out of their hospitals. Why is it that the Democrats continue to believe such obvious lies?

Obama, Biden and the Democrats are like victims of the “battered wife syndrome.” The syndrome describes some women who continually return to the spouse who is abusing them. In the same manner, Biden and the Democrats continue to make numerous concessions to Iran despite Iran’s continued efforts to incite violence against Americans and Israelis. 

Eventually, Neville Chamberlain realized his faith in Hitler was misguided. Sadly, Biden and the Democrats continue to release money to Iran while Iran continues to fight proxy wars against the US.

The naivety  of the Biden administration is making the world a more dangerous place. We need a new leader who will deal with Iran with his or her eyes wide open.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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