Source: Manatee County School District

Fifth grade students from Daughtrey Elementary were welcomed back to school on Monday with an exciting lesson in water conservation.

They learned facts about water, why it’s so important to stay hydrated and how to make every drop count.

Manatee County’s Educational Outreach Water Conservation team brought hands-on activities into their classroom.

After an informative presentation about wetlands, watersheds and where our drinking water comes from, students were immersed in fun activities.

Spray bottles filled with water helped students understand the effects of water pollution in the enviro-scape model.

Sprinkles, spices, and colored water were used as a substitute for fertilizers and pollutants, to show how the rain (water from spray bottles) can contaminate our waterways.

During the next activity, students used their creativity to design their own t-shirt by coloring one of three designs which was transferred onto a t-shirt right before their eyes.

They couldn’t wait to proudly wear their work and support for conserving water!

After collecting a goody bag, students return to class for a full day of learning.

School administrators or teachers who are interested in hosting these activities in your classroom, please email

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