Response to the Failed and Erratic Incumbent’s Entrance into the Race.

Bradenton, FL – 10/31/23
Keith Green, the game-changer in Manatee County politics, roars into action. Manatee County, brace yourselves for a political whirlwind like never before! With the incumbent’s desperate and eleventh-hour decision to join the Commissioner race, Keith Green still stands firm, unwavering in his commitment to the heartbeat of Manatee County.
A Commitment to Prosperity and Security for Manatee County
Keith Green embodies unwavering dedication to the service of Manatee County’s residents. He is resolute in his mission to collaborate with business and community leaders, ensuring unprecedented economic prosperity and security for our community. As the sole viable candidate in the current race for District 7 At-Large, Keith Green emerges as the beacon of hope and progress. “Keith Green is the America First candidate in the race and will serve the people” (Stan Fitzgerald, VFAF Veterans for Trump President).
A True Sentinel of Conservative Values
In stark contrast, the incumbent’s failed irrational ideals & positions coupled by his erratic behavior, and a history of wrongdoings, cast a shadow over our cherished community. From a high-speed DUI collision to questionable ethics, the incumbent’s track record falls short of the standards Manatee County deserves. The incumbent’s legacy is tainted by an incident involving a DUI and alleged misuse of political influence, setting a disturbing legal precedent.
Oath-Breaking and Flip-Flopping: A Concerning Pattern
The incumbent’s disregard for his oath and the residents of Manatee County was evident on the day he operated a vehicle under the influence, endangering lives. Furthermore, a pattern of dishonesty and inconsistency on critical issues has eroded public trust. The incumbent’s absence during a critical time of need, choosing personal interests over public duty, reflects a lack of leadership.
Keith Green: A Torchbearer of Integrity and Reliability
Contrary to the incumbent’s turbulent tenure, Keith Green emerges as the steadfast leader Manatee County deserves. He exemplifies genuine conservative and Judeo-Christian values, demonstrating a commitment that extends beyond rhetoric. Keith Green’s integrity, reliability, and unwavering values are the bedrock of his candidacy.
Your Choice is Clear: Keith Green for District 7 At-Large
In Keith Green, voters have a clear choice—a candidate whose integrity and dedication to Manatee County are unwavering. He is the torchbearer of hope, principles, integrity, and true conservative values. Keith Green is the only viable candidate in this race, poised to lead Manatee County into a future of financial prosperity and security by working directly with our community and business leaders.

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