Democrats are such hypocrites on public school education. Fortunately, the public is ignoring the Democrats on this issue.  Corey DeAngelis is a crusader for school choice. Too many parents are forced to send their children to schools that don’t educate. DeAngelis believes that children should be liberated from their zip codes and empowered to enroll in stronger schools. 

Locally, we have seen some of the most outspoken leftists make sure their children attended elite private schools. These same writers lambast politicians for supporting our Governor’s attempt to allow the “non-connected” to attend private schools. 

Across our country, more states are allowing private school vouchers that give a chance for the “non-connected” young people to rise above their circumstances. 

From the Fall of 2010 to the Fall of 2019 public school enrollment rose from 49.5 million students to 50.8 million students. During the Covid school year of 2021-22 almost 1.2 million students left the public school system. Many people believe that one of the reasons so many students left the school systems is because their parents became aware of what the teachers were teaching. Parents also became aware of the lack of discipline in the public schools. Over the last 3 weeks, the rise of anti-semetism has been credited with what so many students have been taught in their schools.

Corey DeAngelis has revealed the hypocrisy of critics of school vouchers. Bill Prady, co-founder of the Big Bang Theory, calls vouchers “racist.” Prady attended an expensive private school in Michigan. 

Stacey Davis Gates is the president of the Chicago Teachers Union. Her union rails against vouchers and Gates calls vouchers “facism.” Gates sends her son to a private school.

Local political commentators are examples of high-minded critics of Governor DeSantis and the Florida voucher program. These critics will never admit that they used scholarships so their children could escape the public school system. 

Competition forces improvement. As vouchers become available for all students, public education will improve or get bypassed. Public school boards must not become puppets of the education unions. The ascendance of union control over education has led to the growth of private schools.

The leftists who have controlled education for so long have fought against parents having a voice in the education system. The last few weeks we have seen the results of the racists who have been teaching our children that it is alright to hate Jews and white people. For years, the leftist educators have pointed at right-wing people as racists while they were the ones teaching that racism against Jews and whites was allowed. Daily, we see the examples of their students attacking whites, Asians and Jews because they believe they are evil.

Vouchers allow parents to avoid having their students be taught that racism is good.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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