Car prices are rising for hard working Americans. Higher interest rates and government regulations are making the cost of car ownership much more expensive and both of these reasons can be attributed to Democrat Party initiatives. We often hear the Democrats claim to be looking out for working Americans. In reality, their policies benefit the wealthy elites while causing economic harm to working Amerians. 

The Biden administration has raised the fuel requirements for automobiles by 42% over the next 2 years. This standard is impossible for automakers to meet with Internal Combustion Engines (ICE). In order to meet these standards, automakers are forced to produce Electric Vehicles (EVs). These EVs are very expensive and require owners to have their own charging stations. Obviously, many Americans do not live in neighborhoods with charging stations. 

Do you get this picture? The Biden administration and the Florida and Manatee Democrats who support this administration, are forcing automakers to produce expensive EVs which most working Americans cannot afford. Who can afford these vehicles? Left wing college professors can afford these vehicles. Teachers Union officials can afford these vehicles. Censors at social media companies can afford these vehicles. 

Cement block layers, carpenters, police officers, barbers, plumbers and auto mechanics cannot afford these high priced EVs. 

Guess what happens when automakers are required to make more EVs. The price of ICE vehicles increases. Get it? Working Americans cannot afford EVs and the cars they can afford (ICE) go up in price because automakers cannot make as many of them because of Biden and Democrat regulations. Does this impact John Kerry? No. He will continue to fly in his private jet and emit more carbon in a year than most poor Americans will emit in a lifetime.

This is not the only pain that Biden and the Democrats cause for working Americans. It is not enough that you have to pay more for your automobile, they want you to help the leftist Democrats purchase their EV. The Biden administration is giving tax breaks to anyone who buys an EV. These aren’t tax breaks for working Americans, they are tax breaks for the wealthy Democrats. 

There used to be a saying: “If you are going to screw me, at least tell me you love me.” The Democrats have perfected this strategy of saying they love the poor while their policies make life more miserable for them while benefiting the rich.

Fortunately, more voters are turning away from the Democrats as they realize that the national and Manatee Democrats are more concerned about protecting the rights of men using women’s restrooms instead of worrying about the economic welfare of the workers who clean the restrooms.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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