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Tales from the Mark Side: The wolves are at the gate and they are hungry


Unfortunately our scheduled visit this week isn’t timed well with the Republican debate airing on the day I write this, so you can bet I’ll have a lot to say in our next visit on Monday.

Spoiler alert: I’ll remind Chris Christie that given his scandals as NJ governor that he does not hold the moral high ground – assuming he can even walk up a hill to get to the high ground.

I’ll also remind him that sitting on his high horse is physically impossible. Can you imagine the strain on that poor horse?

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing some of the candidates in action as I flip back and forth between the debate and Trump’s interview with Tucker Carlson.

Well played President Trump. Well played … as usual. I’d hate to play chess with Trump. I was beating my teachers at chess in the fourth grade, but he’s not a guy I’d look forward to playing against.

So we’ll see how this all goes during our next visit, but for now I am compelled to discuss some recent polling regarding the clown-in-chief at the White House.

I’m always bewildered at the 30-some-odd percent of people who say Joe Biden is doing a good job in various aspects of his alleged presidency. But the poll I saw that had Biden at a 50 percent approval rating regarding his handling of COVID had me yelling WTF at the TV this week.

Yes, I talk to the TV a lot. I’m either watching the news – or coming soon – my beloved NY Football Giants. Between the two, it’s no wonder why I’m angry most of the time these days.

If I’m watching the Giants, it’s usually a mixture of profanity and cheers. My conversation with the TV when watching the news is usually all profanity like, “Those (insert bad word here) lying democrats!”

So screaming out the full version of, “WTF?!” when I saw Biden’s approval ratings on COVID shouldn’t be unexpected.

Fifty percent? Seriously?

You and I did just as much as Biden did when it comes to COVID and we aren’t even president – though we should be.

Biden didn’t do a damn thing except mandate an experimental vaccine that even he said he wouldn’t take if it was made while Trump was in office – and it was.

Trump’s Operation Warp Speed was a show of masterful organization no matter how you feel about the vaccine. That was Trump, not Biden.

Biden just happened to be in office as COVID took a natural turn toward dissipation. He didn’t do that. Nature did.

All Biden did was get critical people like soldiers, nurses, doctors, police and other first responders fired for not taking the vaccine.

All Biden did was prop up Fauci who has been caught in his lies, manipulation and cover ups.

All Biden has done is not hold China accountable for releasing a virus onto the world and American taxpayers were helping to fund.

All Biden did was cave to the teacher’s union to continue a mask mandate and school shutdowns that we know set back our children’s education for years.

And now I hear that Biden is encouraging another mask mandate. For what?

What did Biden do to earn an approval rating from half of America? 

The struggle is always with that constant 30 to 35 percent of completely ignorant Americans but there is that other wishy-washy 20 to 25 percent that does the real damage.

Biden, in the meantime, finally visited Maui weeks after the devastating wildfire that has killed hundreds with another 1,100 missing.

Like when he visited with the Gold Star families from the Afghanistan surrender, Biden made it all about himself. He actually told these families with dead and missing loved ones that he and Jill can relate to their sorrow because he once survived a kitchen fire.

You just can’t make this stuff up about a president who has spent 40 percent of his presidency on vacation.

How any American can look at this guy and give him credit for anything is just scary. It reveals the battle we face and fighting to overcome that level of ignorance is a daunting task.

At some point, even the herder has to acknowledge that his flock of sheep has grown too large. Too bad we can’t cull the herd.

The temptation to just leave the gate open and let the wolf in is strong at times. It takes war, violence, blood and loss of life to truly burst the bubbles that people live within.

Sometimes it takes a massive human crisis for people to realize just how naive they were.

But that’s not our job. Our job is to guard the gate and keep the wolves at bay despite the ignorance of the sheep strutting their delicious chops around as the wolf drools with hunger just outside.

It’s our job to protect the sheep even when the herd needs culling.

So that’s what we will do even though we know the wolves will inevitably crash the gate.

We are doing our best to protect the sheep in spite of themselves. But when the slaughter begins, we’ll look out for our own.

Stay vigilant my friends. The wolves are howling. Keep informed and keep sharing our truth.

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