Why do Manatee Democrats hate charter schools? Why do Democrats across our country use the court system to undermine charter schools? It is ironic that the Democrat Party, which claims to be fighting for minorities, is determined to quash charter schools. Charter schools have proven they can raise the test scores of minority students but the Democrats are determined to force minority students to remain in failing public schools. Meanwhile, most of the elected Democrats congressmen in Washington make sure their children attend private schools.

In New York City, the Department of Education reported that enrollment in K-12 public schools was 906,000, which was a 10% decrease from 2020. During the same period, charter school enrollment in New York City rose 8,5% to 141,000.

Why are so many minority and poor parents voting with their feet and abandoning the public school systems across the country? It might be because these parents care more about their children than they care about teachers unions..2

The recent uproar about the Supreme Court’s decision to end race-based preferences in universities has exposed the poor performance of many minority students on college entrance exams. While Democrats have decried the decision, they refuse to discuss the elephant in the room: the failure of the public school system to educate minority students. 

During the covid pandemic, the public schools across our country were shut down to in-person learning because the teachers unions demanded this ridiculous action. We all read numerous articles about teachers who were protesting online any attempts to restart in-person classes for safety reasons while the same teachers were posting selfies from bars in Key West. 

Minority and poor students were the most likely to be harmed by the refusal to allow in-person classes. Randi Weingarten, the Democrat leader of a teachers union, ignored the damaging impact of her unions refusal to allow students to return to school. Weingarten was more concerned with protecting poor performing teachers while ignoring the needs of poor performing students. Weingarten was of course able to attend an Ivy League school for her college education.

Many parents of minority students are beginning to realize that the teachers unions do not care if their students fall behind in their education. As a result of this discovery, many parents of minority students have taken advantage of Republican Party initiatives to allow charter schools to provide an education alternative to the public school system. 

Many of the founders of charter schools realize that in order to educate children there must be discipline in the classroom. Without discipline there is chaos. (Look at the mobs we see ransacking stores in major cities and look at the failure of Democrat politicians to prosecute these criminals) The public schools in many minority areas are not allowed to enforce discipline in the classroom. The result is classrooms where learning is impossible. Charter schools are able to enforce discipline and therefore give students a good education at a much lower cost per pupil than the public school system. 

The Manatee County Democrats and the Florida Democrat Party would  rather shut down charter schools and remove the only path for many poor people to ensure that their children receive a decent education. Fortunately, some judges are beginning to realize that the teachers unions are similar to the racist school boards of the past that would refuse to invest money in minority schools. A Manhattan judge, last Friday, rejected an attempt by the American Federation of Teachers to prevent charter schools from opening this week. 

In the 1960’s, many federal judges in the south issued rulings that ended legal discrimination against blacks. Hopefully, we will see judges step up and prevent the teachers unions from forcing blacks to go to failing schools.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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