Unlike most people, I pay particular attention to the news on Friday afternoons, because I know it’s a day and time where most people don’t.

I used to dread having an important story released on a Friday afternoon because I knew the numbers would be dismal.

People have lives and after a hard week at work, the last thing they want to do is turn on the news. Our minds turn toward the weekend where we can turn off the world and concentrate on our very important recharge.

So I also know that’s when the federal government likes to drop bad – or controversial – news. It’s an age old trick to pass something along to the American public knowing most people aren’t paying attention.

And the simple fact is that many Americans don’t want to catch up on something that already happened if it wasn’t something along the lines of a major disaster.

So that’s why Merrick Garland waited until Friday afternoon to make a questionless four-minute announcement that he was appointing David Weiss to be special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation.

Weiss was already in charge of the investigation so what’s the big deal here?

Well, it just so happened Weiss was scheduled to testify at a Congressional hearing to answer for the whistleblower allegations of DOJ, FBI and IRS fraud, mismanagement and favoritism.

The appointment essentially gives Weiss a pass and even if he appears, now has the authority to decline comment based on his “ongoing” investigation.

Weiss, of course, is the author of the sweetheart deal attempted to get Hunter Biden off the hook without consequence for tax evasion.

So officially appointing Weiss as special counsel to lead the DOJ investigation is basically putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop.

This is a move to delay the Hunter investigation and Weiss will likely put the whole case against Hunter on pause until statute of limitations run out on other charges he faces.

Weiss also will absolutely not include in his investigation the growing evidence that Hunter and Joe Biden committed multiple crimes together up to and including treason.

This the latest distraction and misinformation campaign launched by corrupt democrats.

It’s such a blatant political move that continues and enhances the accurate perception that our DOJ – and Washington D.C. for that matter – has no ceiling when it comes to elite corruption.

And they could care less that we see it for what it is, because they know their base will swallow their lies.

Weiss, after all, claimed he didn’t need the appointment prior to Biden’s sweetheart deal being shot down by a federal judge. Weiss told the American people he already had full authority to charge Hunter Biden, and that he could do so in any jurisdiction.

It shouldn’t be shocking that Weiss lied about that and it certainly isn’t shocking that all of a sudden – and just a few weeks before his scheduled testimony – that he asked for the appointment.

Garland, of course, complied with this ridiculous request as he continues his tenure as a Biden puppet. What a disgrace. And remember, democrats wanted Garland as a Supreme Court justice.

At this point I’m convinced that democrats realize that their lies are ineffective against American Conservatives. They know they aren’t trying to convince us anymore. They are still lying to their own base because they know they can still be successful in doing so.

Loyal democrat voters will never change. They are the sheep and want to be the sheep. They are happy to be led around by corrupt government officials. They have an innate desire to bend the knee to a master.

History outlines this phenomena regarding people who want to be subjugated, who desire a king or queen in their lives to tell them how to live. In the modern era, those people are democrats.

If their leaders tell them the sky is green, they will simply fall to their knees and accept this as the truth even when they know it’s not.

That brings me back to a subject that has been grossly overlooked over the past several years and why I bring up the DNC leaked emails a lot here.

The media and many Americans have simply moved on from the substances of those emails. This, I simply do not understand even though I am well aware of humanity’s desire to move onto the next news cycle.

But there remain significant aspects of those emails that should not be forgotten and are a go-to explanation for democratic lies and manipulation.

Every time a democrat lies, the media should have those emails at the ready to explain the corrupt democratic party. They essentially gave us their playbook and it hasn’t changed.

What is not surprising to me at all is how a lot of those important points in the emails have been scrubbed by Big Tech.

What you can find when searching for the substance of those emails is a plethora of lame stream stories about how the DNC conspired against Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton – and just how low they were willing to go.

Liberal media was at least willing to report on that extensively and it doesn’t take a college degree to figure out why.

But other more important things in those emails got very little coverage, including from so-called Conservative outlets who rightly reported on the nastiness of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, but still omitted a lot of important information.

The fact that reporters from the Washington Post and others were also colluding with Clinton on stories was largely brushed aside. The fact that the DNC was giving Clinton a heads up on debate questions was largely overlooked.

But to me, the most important emails that are virtually impossible to find anymore is the way the DNC disparaged minorities, the gay community and admitted that they relied on the ignorance of their base to succeed.

Yes, I bring it up a lot and yes, I’ll continue to bring it up because I’m not “moving on” from this very important truth.

When it comes to the awful things the DNC said about minorities and their homophobic statements isn’t surprising. We already know that when a democrat is accusing a Conservative of something, it’s because the democrat is doing the very thing they are accusing.

Democrats call Conservatives extremists, racists and anti-LGBTQ because democrats are extremists, racists and anti-LGBTQ.

Even when democrats hold their Pride celebrations at the White House, they have admitted that it’s not about celebrating Pride, it’s about donors.

What I don’t understand is how the minority and LGBTQ community continues to ignore the fact that the democratic elite sees them as subservient peasants and yet they are OK with that.

But it ALL comes back to that one oh so important detail in that democrats rely heavily on their ignorant base who they can so easily manipulate.

They ADMITTED it but that important detail is scrubbed, silenced and democrats continue to execute their playbook without so much as a hiccup.

So yes, we know that democrats are sheep. We know they want to bend the knee to a master. We know they are gullible and will believe any democratic lie they are told.

But it will always baffle me how so many people choose to live in such ignorance no matter how much evidence you put in front of them.

I guess their mental illness plays a big part in all of that but the insane left is one thing. There just has to be some democrats and left leaning Independents who still possess some remnants of common sense and can at least consider democrat admission that they are purposely lying and manipulating their voters.

Or not.

That’s why it’s up to us, my fellow Patriots, to remain vigilant, keep ourselves informed and keep sharing our truth.

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