I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to award the dumbest liberal of the week prize, but I lose count on a daily basis to really narrow it down.

So even though this week has been filled once again with dumb liberal statements, I’ll give it a go knowing that some liberal, somewhere, will say something dumber before this even gets to you.

The top prize has to go to MSNBC columnist Cynthia Miller-Idriss, who also is a “professor” at the School of Public Affairs and at the American University.

Me thinks Miller-Idriss’s only relation to the word “professor” is that she professes her liberal lunacy. But she certainly fits the bill for today’s so-called educators.

She fancies herself with the title of “Researcher in Extremism.”

Lol lol lol lol.

Miller-Idriss wrote a column last year, that for some unknown reason, MSNBC decided to republish recently about how right extremists are “luring” unsuspecting people into their ranks by offering “health tips and strategies for positive physical changes.”

This was her research conclusion? How much does this woman get paid to conclude that if I decide to do a pushup or eat healthier, it makes me an extremist?

I remember last year when this first came out and it was one of those things that was quickly laughed off and didn’t get much traction. Why MSNBC decided to resurface this particular shipwreck is beyond me.

But then again, it’s MSNBC so trying to decipher stupidity isn’t worth the effort.

I can imagine, however, some idiot liberal executive at MSNBC sitting around a big, shiny wooden table arguing his or her case at some high level network meeting that Miller-Idriss’s 2022 piece didn’t get enough attention last year and deserved a republish.

“This is important journalism,” the idiot would say.

If getting attention was the goal, congratulations. It worked. Probably not the attention liberal execs wanted since the notion that wanting to be healthy makes you a right-wing extremist is getting universally mocked.

The idea that getting in shape and encouraging others to do so somehow makes you a neonazi extremist is … well … a very liberal thing to think.

Still think liberalism isn’t a mental disorder?

I’ve thrown out a lot of proof that liberals are not mentally sound over our time together – including scientific proof – but if that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what would.

So Cynthia Miller-Idriss, you win the dumbest liberal of the week award and this Bud Light’s for you. Share with the idiot executive who argued on your behalf.

The second winner is a bit of a tie. I was going to flat out award it to all the liberal media pundits out there attacking our lovely Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis.

These same group of clowns who claim to be Americans are the ones who were equally nasty to Melania Trump. Our First Lady should wear that as a badge of honor.

The left wants to drag any and all smart, beautiful, classy Conservative women through the mud because as we all know – and I also provided scientific evidence about this very topic – they are spiteful, hateful and Godless people who would feed their own children to the lions if it meant they somehow could improve their dismal ratings.

The things being said about this remarkable woman makes me want to run for president, win and implement the concepts within The Purge movies.

Please oh please, give me just one day a year to purge.

But ultimately I decided to award the second dumbest liberal award to NY Sen. Jerry Nadler.

In full disclosure, I offer up his name because I just finished listening to him speak at the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on the oversight of the FBI.

Nadler could easily win the award of dumbest liberal every week. I can’t get 15 seconds into one of his ranking member opening comments without saying, “What a dumbass.”

Nadler says a lot of dumb things, but in a committee hearing regarding recent FBI scandals, Nadler virtually repeated word for word the last speech I heard him give about Trump’s indictment regarding classified documents.

If memory serves, that meeting had nothing to do with Trump either. TDS much?

Forget the fact that Nadler failed to mention Biden’s certain guilt regarding classified documents, but Nadler actually associated the committee hearing doing its job as “election interference” on behalf of Trump.


A democrat accusing Republicans of election interference? Isn’t that like accusing the mouse for being eaten by a cat?

Democrats come up with the dumbest things. And never has so much of it been exposed than over the past few years.

All we can really hope is that with each instance of stupidity they display, there is a new Conservative being born.

Truly, listening to any democrat speaking within these types of hearings would warrant a dumbest liberal award, but Nadler gets my vote as this week’s co-winner. So Jerry Nadler, this Bud Light’s for you.

Stay vigilant my friends. There is a lot of stupid out there and it’s raining liberal ignorance. Keep informed and keep sharing our truth.

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