Sounds offensive, doesn’t it?

It made me cringe even writing that headline, but I have my reasons in this week’s latest episode regarding the spread of leftist lunacy in America – and beyond.

Church of England Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell told prominent Anglican Church leaders recently that saying, “Our Father,” in the oldest Christian prayer instructed by Jesus Christ himself to his apostles in how to pray, is “problematic.”

Cottrell explains that the use of “Father,” can be a turn off by those who have had issues with their earthly father during their lifetimes.

Boo effing hoo.

I think most people have so-called daddy issues and I can certainly relate to that sentiment, but I have enough common sense to separate the roles of my earthly father from my heavenly Father.

In case you missed one of our visits, I have always had a problem with organized religion going back to when I was a little boy. I ate a leftover piece of pepperoni pizza not realizing it was Good Friday and in those days, I was taught that was a mortal sin.

So as a 8 or 9-year-old boy going through the rigors of catechism and Catholic Bible studies, I lived in fear for a week or so that I was going to burn in hell.

I know for many, that my small story doesn’t even compare to what horrors the church inflicted upon little boys throughout history, or because I am an avid follower of history, I know what the so-called church inflicted upon the world.

The origins of the Catholic Church were not much better than ISIS in its torment and torture of nonbelievers. And the church grew to power through that fear and the idea that people could buy off their sins by paying the church.

While I hold the church accountable for its violent and manipulative history, I still recognize its primary mission of carrying Christ’s teachings forward even if they haven’t always done it well.

My issue is not with Catholics, rather than the church itself which – like America now – is run by sometimes flawed idiots.

The church is no different than any other organization where it, too, is infected with bad apples. But I like to believe that the majority of the church’s internal ranks move ahead with the task at hand and are as devout as they claim to be.

It’s the same concept as my trust in any other organization. I don’t trust every law enforcement officer, but I hold trust in law enforcement as a whole because I know the majority of them believe in what they do.

The military is no different either. I know there is a small percentage of bad apples where the only agenda is their own and not the greater good of America. But again, it’s not the entity itself, rather than the individuals who infect it.

But Cottrell is an absolute woke moron to attempt to make God the next target of gender identity.

If I thought I was going to hell for eating a piece of pepperoni on Good Friday, what is Cottell’s destination as a man whose sole job is to follow the teachings of Christ and decides to deny Christ’s teaching in how to pray to God?

Criminality and perversion has always existed within organized religion. To see wokeness seep so deeply into a church that already gives pedophiles and pro abortion people like Biden a pass seems to cement for me the idea that we are close to the End Times.

At the very least, the end of America and western civilization as a whole is in sight, as China maneuvers and strengthens its ability to militarily defeat us while we sit back and do nothing about it.

It seems to be the mentality of the people we elect to see a home invader coming up the walkway and they just end up opening the door for the invader instead of locking it and preparing to fight back.

Our government is woke, our military is going woke, our society’s wokeness is gaining strength and now the church wants to deny Christ’s teachings through a woke gender identity war?

It’s why when I do decide to go to church, it’s a nondenominational setting and my relationship with Christ remains personal. I trust Christ. I don’t trust man.

Millions of Americans see what is happening. We warned that all of this would happen with the election of Biden even if we are somewhat surprised how quickly he is taking this country straight to hell.

We steel ourselves for what is to come because we understand that we are so very close to that distinctive transition of saying, “What could happen,” and “What is going to happen.”

2024 will be the difference between those two statements, for we cannot and will not survive another four years of leftist policies. Just look at how much damage has been done in three short years of Biden. Is it possible to even imagine another five plus years of this?

Cottrell can kiss my Jesus loving ass. You will never see me giving an ounce of credence to an attempt to target my Father in this ridiculous gender identity war.

I bring Facebook into this conversation for another reason because Zuckerberg fancies himself a social media god. His new Twitter-like platform Threads, is already trying to suppress Conservative viewpoints and that’s no real surprise.

I hope Elon Musk kicks Zuckerberg’s ass by the way, should the two actually agree to their cage fight. On a side note, I’d also like to fight Zuckerberg and offer up that challenge.

What do you say Zuck? Wanna go a few rounds?

But I bring up Facebook mostly because they have targeted us at the Manatee Herald. Despite being a licensed media company, Facebook continues to limit our views and has even started denying our attempts to boost our postings.

On one hand, it’s a badge of honor because a giant tech company feels as though our small voices of truth represent a danger to their lies.

On the other hand, we won’t be bullied and we certainly won’t be silenced. Facebook can only be successful in their bullying of us if we act like that homeowner being robbed and open the door to let them in.

I call upon you, my friends, to be our armor in this battle. Facebook cannot limit our exposure if you share our posts with as many like-minded friends as possible.

Invite them to like our Manatee Herald Facebook page and subscribe to We are always free because the truth is more important than money.

America’s future is more important than money. Conservative values are more important than money. This fight for our very souls is more important than money and God is certainly more important than money.

Join us. We are fighting for you, country and God.

Stay vigilant my fellow patriots. Keep yourselves informed in this crazy world of lies of misinformation and keep sharing our truth.

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