This December, I’ll hit over 30 years of matrimony.

It’s taken four marriages to reach that milestone, but I still count it.

Some say I’m a quitter because I’ve been divorced so many times but I counter that argument in saying that you aren’t a quitter if you keep trying.

Truth be told, my tolerance for bullshit has been zero for longer than most and I don’t have time for people who pretend to be something they are not.

There is only one oath I take to heart and that’s to defend the Constitution of the United States from enemies – both foreign and domestic.

My relationship with America will never falter. She comes first in my life.

Through these various marriages, I’ve had seven teenagers in my life. My son, stepson and five step daughters.

I’d prefer being shot at and parachuting into a hot drop zone over raising seven teenagers. My baldness isn’t genetic, it’s from me pulling out all my hair over the years.

So there were times in my life when I’d react more positively to Joe Biden’s recent comments that our kids aren’t our own and that they belong to everyone.

I was a columnist in Nebraska when the state enacted a law that a mother could drop off a child at local fire stations without question or consequence. I lobbied hard to include teenagers in that bill.

I had three girls at the time and all I needed was a big enough cradle to fit them in before dropping them off.

Ok, that’s an exaggeration. I wanted to keep one of them. She was one of my best softball players when I was coaching traveling softball.

I couldn’t afford to lose her.

Virtually all my kids grew into their own and I’d like to think I had a little something to do with that. The only one I worry about is my only blood child who somehow turned out to be a liberal.

We’ve had our issues but it’s safe to say that even though he’s 40 years old now and living his own life, I’d still drop him off at the fire station if I could.

So when someone like Biden says my kids aren’t my own and they belong to everyone, there was a time when I would have said, “Great! Have at them!”

I’m kidding, of course – kind of.

In reality, I think Biden is pushing this narrative so he can continue to be creepy Uncle Joe and not get mocked when he puts his hands on the shoulders of a young girl and smells her hair.

And it’s an agenda that the creepy left has gotten behind because let’s face it, they want your kids in order to sexualize and indoctrinate them.

They don’t want America. They want Sodom and Ghomorra, which is why they fly their own flags instead of the American flag.

I saw a recent post where the mayor of Hoboken NJ is going to conduct a banned book-a-thon where he is encouraging children to read the books that were pulled, which includes a lot of materials that encourage exploring inappropriate sexual behaviors.

This mayor is going to then give these books away as prizes to these young children.

For someone like us, the debates we are having in this country today are beyond surreal. You all know by now, especially if you’ve heard me at a speaking event, that I don’t pull punches and I don’t play the politically correct game.

This mayor, assuming the posting is true, should be part of a mass public hanging of everyone looking to sexually exploit children.

Should young children be exposed to the writings of pedophilias? Should biological men be allowed to compete against women? Should schools be allowed to guide children toward gender identity as well as potential gender transformation without parental knowledge?

Are these things even a debate?

Should children be allowed to attend library sanctioned shows where scantily dressed men pretend to be women? Should companies be allowed to fire someone because an employee uses a biologically correct pronoun?

As we actually have these debates, China is gearing up for war, North Korea is flexing nuclear muscles, Russia wants a war with Europe but fortunately Ukraine is stopping them in their tracks. Iran is within weeks of having a nuclear weapon.

Our military is being infected with woke and weak leadership and we don’t have enough ammunition again to fight a sustained war. Even if we did, we’ll likely lose a war with China because we are too busy worrying about how the next inanimate object is going to offend someone.

As I’ve outlined before, especially with the obvious signs the Japanese were planning something big before the attack on Pearl Harbor and how we ignored those signs, incompetent American leadership has a history of ignoring dangers.

The result is always devastating, but we’ve always found a way to fight our way out of our self-dug hole. But it’s not politicians who get that dirty work done. It’s everyday Americans who bleed and sacrifice for this country.

Politicians screw things up and American citizens fix it because there is nothing like the American warrior spirit when it matters. It would just be nice if our dumbass politicians would take the necessary steps to ensure it doesn’t have to come to that.

So if you think China doesn’t have the brass balls to either attack us or bait us into conflict, I’ve got some amazing bridges I’ll sell you. They’re on sale so contact me now.

The left’s disgusting distraction campaigns – to include trying to tell us our children belong to them – is going to create the opportunity for destruction in America on a scale we’ve never seen before.

The American warrior will save us – again. But there will be a lot of pain before that can happen.

America is on the same path as other great global empires like Rome where decadence and moral decay became their downfall. They lost focus and died from within, making their conquest easy.

America is still a young nation. It took thousands of years for some empires to fall. We have fast tracked our own demise and it will happen unless people like us keep fighting, keep telling the truth and boot these nutcase politicians out of office.

So Joe Biden can kiss my red, white and blue ass for a lot of reasons, but most certainly for thinking that his creepy borderline pedophile behaviors will become the norm.

The day we give up our children to the government, drag queens or to other parents who allow their 6-year-olds to declare they are nonbinary, is the day America dies for good.

So my one oath that I will never break stands strong. I will fight for this country until my dying breath no matter what that fight looks like.

Want a war of words? Ok. Want a culture war? I’m in. Want a political war for the soul of America? You got one. Want a shooting war? See you down range.

That’s my oath and it is unbreakable and inked in the blood of Patriots.

So on that note, as I write this on Flag Day, happy birthday to the greatest fighting force on the planet: The United States Army.

God save our country and God save our children from the evil that besets us. I will give my life to save both and even if that life is given, it only means I can enlist in the army of Archangel Michael and continue the fight.

Stay vigilant my friends, stay informed and keep sharing our truth.

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