I’d really love to believe that most people understand the old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”

But in today’s wacky and wild world within the Ununited Banana Republic of America, it’s pretty self evident that liberals can fool other liberals over and over and over again.

And they don’t seem to care. Liberals are oblivious to the fact that they are constantly fooled.

This is when I remind everyone that democrats admitted that very thing in the leaked DNC emails before they launched the big fake Russian collusion hoax distraction campaign.

You would think after democrats have fooled their own so many times, that old adage of fool me once, etc., would kick in at some point. But the democratic strategy of distraction remains as effective as ever and I continue to see liberal “friends” on social media continue to present arguments about things that are simply not true.

The attraction of the liberal mind to shiny things that shifts their focus away from facts is just mind boggling.

The sad part of it all is that their strategy is so predictable. The DNC emails should have ended the progressive movement in its tracks but it was just the beginning of the overall storm of corruption that would be thrown at Trump.

The treasonous charade put on by Nancy Pelosi and her minions during the House’s impeachment proceedings were for things Trump didn’t do, and yet Joe Biden is on video admitting to doing that very thing.

The impeachment was a distraction.

America learns that 50 top intelligence people lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop and Alvin Bragg brings forth an indictment that doesn’t include an actual crime.


Trump’s home was raided by armed FBI agents who spent more time fondling Melania’s clothes than anything else as Biden’s financial ties to foreign enemies became more evident.


Biden slams Trump over documents, calling him irresponsible only to find out that Biden – without question – broke the law by having classified documents as VP and his time as senator.

The media handles this situation much differently, as does Biden’s DOJ and the FBI doesn’t raid anything despite us finding out that some of those documents were handled by Hunter and his Chinese spy assistant who brought some of those documents to ChinaTown. 

Liberal media begin a distraction campaign using words like, “a totally different situation.”

Whistleblower documents confirm what has been said for years about the Biden family taking bribes, and an IRS whistleblower confirms that the DOJ is interfering in the Hunter Biden investigation. Trump is indicted yet again, this time for the classified documents.


In the meantime, Mike Pence is magically cleared of any wrongdoing regarding his classified documents, though Americans are never given a reason. All the while, there is absolutely no movement – other than Republican oversight committees – on Biden’s document scandals.

This administration has lied so many times to the American people, it’s truly become pathological.

Here’s just a few examples:

Biden fails in an epic way in Afghanistan, so the administration distracts by actually trying to make it sound like a success simply because of a record number of evacuations. At the same time, we were all told that level of evacuation would not become necessary.

But then again, we were lied to about Al Qadea being in Afghanistan and then Biden bragged about killing their leader – in Afghanistan.

A Chinese spy balloon traverses the country taking real time images of sensitive military sites. The administration lied about what the balloon was capable of before finally shooting it down after its mission was completed.

The administration is still lying about how we were unable to determine anything about the balloon. The administration spends millions of dollars in weaponry to then shoot down balloons of “unknown origin,” and is lying about being unable to find what they shot down.

Distractions, and effective ones at that, because no one is holding this administration’s feet to the fire on either of those incidents.

Is it a case of there are just too many lies to keep up with? Possibly.

Biden said he had nothing to do with the Trump raid, and yet several Biden aides were on scene. Biden said he has nothing to do with the investigation into his son and yet Biden’s DOJ is working against the IRS investigation, and is doing very little on the criminal investigation themselves.

AG Merrick Garland is a Biden administration puppet and has been heavily involved in the distraction campaign. And this guy was almost a Supreme Court justice. What a disaster that would have been.

Remember also that Joe Biden had to drop out of his 1988 presidential election bid because he plagiarized a speech given by a United Kingdom politician.

His lying began early and was equally as often.

Even outlets like CNN, the New York Times and Washington Post have outed Biden’s lies on several occasions.

Archived articles throughout the media world talk about Biden’s ability to lie and yet the man shouts, “I’m honest,” when asked about the $5 million bribery accusation.

Biden tells small lies, medium lies and big lies. Just about every speech he gives, he makes up a story to make him sound like an everyday Joe.

From falsely claiming he was a semi truck driver, to making up a story about a dead Amtrac employee, to saying the U.S. southern border is secure, to taking credit for COVID vaccinations he denounced under the Trump administration, to so much more.

To significantly lying about the number of federal construction jobs underway, to misleading the number of gas and oil permits available, to telling the American people he was going to refill the strategic reserves, to providing misleading information on jobs and the economy, and again, so much more.

So there is no question that Joe Biden is a known and historic liar. Everyone knows it, but the left doesn’t care.

They just keep believing everything he says and when that turns out to be a lie as well, liberals just shrug their shoulders and move on to believing the next big lie.

Can you imagine being in a relationship with someone who lied to your face about every little and big thing? How long would that last?

But for liberals, they are happy to stay in this relationship because as we covered in another recent visit, liberals are largely unhappy people because they scorn faith, family values and their own relationships.

We have talked a lot about these things before, but they are all worth repeating. As I have also said before, liberals know that the big lie only works if you keep repeating it.

Conservatives should also treat the truth in the same fashion and continue to repeat it as often as possible. We should not move on from the truth even when we are forced to tell new truths.

Trump could actually find himself in trouble over these classified documents, but the double standard of justice in America is pushing this country to the edge.

Most in America are seeing that reality and that’s why Trump’s latest indictment will only serve to make Trump more popular even if he did make some actual mistakes this time.

But until Biden is prosecuted, until Hillary Clinton is prosecuted, until Obama is prosecuted for Fast and Furious, until both Clintons are prosecuted for their fraudulent foundation, then Trump will continue to have the support of Americans who are fed up with the BS within our government.

So whether Trump is guilty in this particular case or not, it is a continuing evolution of one man being targeted for his political beliefs. That is the only fact in this case that most of us care about.

We’ll see, of course, how this plays out but I would prefer Trump serving as president from a prison cell over democratic criminals who are walking free.

Stay vigilant my friends. Recognize that this is no longer a simple political battle. It is a battle for our country. Stay informed and keep sharing our truth.

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