More minority millionaires are created by the deaths of neighborhood criminals in big cities. If you live in a big city and you have a child, a spouse or a parent who is a criminal, you have a fighting chance to have your local government give you millions of dollars. 

It is a simple strategy. Have your close relative start harassing members of the public or have them begin threatening a family member. Hopefully, some neighbor will call 911. Some unlucky police officer will be sent to the scene of the incident and will be forced to confront the criminal.

This is when the get-rich scheme gets tricky. Occasionally, a criminal gets greedy and decides he would rather stay alive instead of making his family wealthy. In this case, the criminal will heed the officer’s directions and surrender peacefully. Often, this criminal will never realize how close he came to assuming sainthood status in his community.

The other scenario is as follows: the criminal refuses to heed the officers’ warnings and instead chooses to continue threatening another citizen and/or the criminal decides to charge towards the police officer. 

Now we have a chance for a huge payday for the criminal’s family plus the  potential for his ugly legacy being enhanced with bronze statues placed in neighborhoods across our country’s major cities. 

Hopefully, in the ensuing scuffle that occurs, the police officer is able to escape unharmed. The sad part is at this instant, the police officer realizes that his reputation is about to take a serious hit. The officer has made a huge mistake by refusing to allow the criminal to hurt or kill another citizen or the officer himself. This slip in behavior can never be forgiven by Democrat politicians. This officer now realizes that his family will be threatened and Al Sharpton is about to get much richer.

If the scenario plays out and the criminal is killed in the confrontation with the officer, a colossal soap opera begins playing. Immediately, the criminal’s family will begin to assert that the deceased criminal was harmless and was merely asking the officer for help when he was brutally gunned down. Witnesses will be found who will say the officer shot the deceased criminal while he was on his knees with his hands above his head. Many times the person who actually called 911 will claim the deceased criminal was a wonderful person who was just misunderstood. 


Now the national media will begin their supporting role in the opera. The criminal rap sheet of the deceased will  disappear and be considered to have no relevance. The media will characterize a person as racist if they point out the lengthy criminal record of the deceased.

Al Sharpton will be summoned from his New York City estate and he will call the airport to have his private jet  fueled for the trip. Sharpton will hire bodyguards to protect him when he visits the deceased criminal’s neighborhood. 

The Rev. Sharpton will begin to berate city officials with calls to arrest and fire the police officer involved in the shooting. He will claim the officer is a racist and the perpetrator of a hate crime. After the Rev. Sharpton relinquishes the microphone, friends of the deceased will begin to assert that the deceased criminal  had recently begun to turn his life around.

A protest march will be organized and negotiations will begin with the Mayor of the city over which businesses will be allowed to be looted by the marchers. The unlucky business owner will be advised to leave the store and avoid watching his life’s work be destroyed. He will take some comfort in promises that the Biden administration will soon pay to rebuild the neighborhood.

Plans will be made for a memorial service for the deceased criminal and Democrat politicians will vie for an opportunity to address the attendees. During this time, the police officer will be forced to go into hiding with his family. LeBron James will speak from his home in Brentwood about how tough it is for minority young men. Harvard College will set up a minority scholarship fund in honor of the deceased criminal.

The final act of the opera will begin when the deceased criminal’s family hires an attorney to sue the city. Negotiations will  continue for 6 months and then a new millionaire family will be crowned. The deceased criminal’s family will remember him fondly as the United Moving vans arrive to take them to their new upscale neighborhood. Jealous neighbors will say; “That could have been us, Bro.”

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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