Ever wondered what happened to serial killers?

We really haven’t seen a national media frenzy relating to a serial killer since Ted Bundy. Estimates today say the number of serial killers operating in the U.S. have gone from several hundred in the 1970s and 80s to a few dozen today.

But we don’t hear about them anymore and “experts” claim the dramatic drop in serial killing is due to the advancement of law enforcement technology, and technology as a whole.

It’s just easier to get caught, the experts say.

Well if that was true, why do about 50 percent of murders still go unsolved? In reality, the percentage of homicides solved in the U.S. have only improved by around 10 percent on average since the 1980s despite technology and the fact that cameras are just about everywhere.

Serial killers have a distinct frame of mind revolving around compulsion, control and power. It would be difficult to convince me that people are just doing better mentally today than in the past.

In fact, I’d argue that people are significantly worse today than decades ago.

The majority of serial killers have said it’s not so much about the kill itself, it’s about the power and control. In fact, many claim that the actual murder is secondary because of the difficulty involved with killing someone up close and personal.

They often complain that it’s not easy to stab or strangle someone to death so when they relive the moment, it’s not necessarily the murder, rather than the dominant control.

So where did all the serial killers go? My theory is that they just changed course and probably have gone into politics, journalism or government service where their compulsive lust for power and control over other human beings can be satisfied through their pathological lying and manipulation tactics designed to destroy lives.

In short, they have found a legal way to satisfy their proverbial blood lust.

If you look at the psychology behind serial killers, it’s not a stretch to say that not much separates them from left wing politicians, liberal journalists and corrupt leftist law enforcement officials.

Granted, the only thing missing between the two is bodies but if the goal is to destroy human lives by using similar methods used by serial killers, it could be possible to argue that it’s enough to satisfy their thirst for destruction.

If we looked into the eyes of Adam Schiff, for example, is it reasonable to say that if he wasn’t inflicting destruction as a congressman, he’d probably be luring young boys into the woods?

It’s a rhetorical question for me, but I’d say it’s a solid theory.

We talk a lot about how the left is mentally ill, but I’m beginning to think it goes much further than that. The left we deal with on a daily basis these days are psychotic, suffering from delusional dysphoria.

It’s treatable with psychotherapy and medication but liberals would first have to acknowledge their mental disorders.

If you think about it, we all know people who we think have “crazy eyes.” And they are mostly on the left.

Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Swalwell, Tim Kaine, Killary Clinton and so on and so on. If they weren’t infamous politicians and the first time you ever saw them was on TV in handcuffs charged with dismembering multiple people, would you be surprised at first glance?

I don’t think so.

You’d take one first look and know you were looking at a monster.

Now, can you imagine if all of the infamous serial killers of the past had somehow found their way to each other and started to work together? Can you imagine if there are thousands of people who share a serial killer mentality who were now organized?

Well, that’s essentially what we have today in the democratic socialist party and the reason why you don’t see “serial killers” in the news today is because they are now called liberals.

They still make the news for destroying people’s lives, but they are doing it legally. Even when they are caught doing it illegally, there are no consequences for them.

Schiff lied for years about proof of Russian collusion, no consequences. Clinton lied and destroyed physical evidence, no consequences. Swalwell dates a known Chinese spy, no consequences.

These “serial liberals” are organized. They have figured out that the real path to human destruction is through legal positions of power, elevating the desire to randomly take control over one person to instead taking control over the masses.

The release of the John Durham report doesn’t just reveal a truth we already knew. It exposes the sickness of those entrenched within the power structure.

It reveals that the coup against Donald Trump – and us – went to the highest levels. Schiff, Obama, Biden and everyone in the top echelon of the democratic party knew it was a hoax and knew that Clinton was perpetuating the hoax.

Treason, but no consequences. An unarmed coup attempt where the FBI and media were not only complicit but involved, but no consequences. Criminal, but no consequences. Traitorous, but no consequences.

It’s organized serial destruction of lives using similar methods found in actual serial killers. Lie, cheat, steal, manipulate and if we are going to be honest here about our corrupt government, actual murder.

And all of it’s sanctioned and encouraged.

Left wing media, of course, is once again trying to tell you that the Durham report is a, “big old nothing burger.”

Like Bundy, they claim innocence despite a mountain of evidence and facts that prove guilt. And like Bundy, they like to make a show out of it.

The distraction and misinformation campaign underway by the left has become so blatantly obvious and, of course, the leftist media also is ignoring the fact that the DOJ ordered the removal of the entire team of IRS investigators who have spent years digging into Hunter Biden’s tax fraud.

Hunter was within weeks of having handcuffs slapped on him and all of a sudden Biden’s DOJ intervened to end the investigation. The congressional oversight committee who was relying on the IRS investigation to determine just who was buying Hunter’s art for millions of dollars has been obstructed.

Biden keeps claiming that he doesn’t use his influence with his justice department. It’s a blatant lie like every other lie Biden has told us thus far.

Biden and the left are quickly covering their tracks and, of course, their left wing media are helping.

What all this shows me about the left is that ones that reach the level of legal power are the serial killers of the modern day, and those on the left that keep putting them there are the victims.

We, too, of course are victims but for us, it’s collateral damage. For the voting liberal bloc, they are the ones who are being philosophically murdered.

If you listen to a lot of the recorded testimony of various serial killers, you’ll hear a lot of them talk about how easy it was to find their victims.

“People are stupid,” some of them say.


Survivors of serial killers are the ones who sniffed out trouble and fought back. That would be us. We have sniffed out the trouble and it’s time to fight back for our very survival.

Average Americans like us are sick and tired of being victimized by organized and legally positioned serial liberals.

We are fighting back and in this battle to save America, only one side will win. In order for us to survive the battle, our mindset must go from being the hunted to being the hunter.

Philosophically and politically speaking, of course.

I have often said people like us are the sheepdog trying to protect the liberal flock from the wolves because if we left them on their own, they would just march themselves to being slaughtered. Maybe it’s time to join forces with the wolves and let them have the flock.

We’ve hidden under the assumption that we are all Americans for far too long. Liberals and Conservatives are not the same and it becomes more clear each year that we never will be.

It’s time to circle our own wagons and protect real Americans. We don’t need to feel bad leaving fake Americans outside to fend for themselves.

You don’t say no when you go to the doctor and he tells you have a tumor but the good news is that it can be cut out. No, you tell the doctor to cut it out.

There’s no difference. The left is a cancer.

Stay vigilant my friends. Keep informed and keep sharing our truth.

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