If “liar, liar pants on fire,” was a real thing, this current administration would set a daily fire that could be seen from the farthest reaches of space.

It’s certainly not shocking that politicians and their staff lie, but I’ve never lived through a presidential administration where the lies are so big, and come at us so often and are outright blatant in nature.

The exception is President Trump’s administration, but in his case, it was the blizzard of lies being told about him. In Biden’s case, it’s the lies being told directly to us. And it’s constant, a virtual endless daily parade of lies, manipulation and corruption.

We’ve covered several of Biden’s top lies but after it was revealed recently that Biden’s Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was directly involved with getting 51 FBI and intelligence officials to lie about Hunter Biden’s laptop being Russian disinformation two days before Biden and Trump debated, I thought it was time to take a look at the latest list of lies told by Biden.

I like to check in with Politifact for these lists of lies because Politifact tends to favor the left, but not even they can ignore the Biden lies.

Just a couple of recent examples is Biden claiming that domestic violence calls are responsible for the majority of police deaths.

Domestic violence calls are extremely dangerous and unpredictable but from 2012 to 2021, out of the 504 law enforcement deaths in the line of duty, 19 were related to domestic violence calls.

Biden told this lie during a budget speech where he wanted to devote more money to police training in the field of social justice than actual justice.

Politifact found Biden’s claim that democracies are growing stronger while autocracies are growing weaker is false. Biden said it during his State of the Union address in February as a means to call out Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that he complicitly allowed to happen.

Politifact correctly points out that autocracies like Russia, Iran, China and North Korea are in fact growing stronger while democracies are growing weaker.

This is clearly evidenced in the surrender and retreat model across Europe, of which Biden and democrats in general want America to be like.

In December, Biden claimed that while he was vice president, he gave his uncle a purple heart while speaking at a veterans’ event. Except it never happened and when called out by Politifact, Biden never responded to a request for clarity.

Biden, of course, has told a plethora of lies trying to tell these cute little stories to appear human, except most of his anecdotal stories turn out to be lies.

He tried to tell these same veterans that he had been to Iraq and Afghanistan two times as president and while he certainly turned Afghanistan into bloody turmoil, that statement is a lie.

We, of course, could do this all day long and we know that Biden has a history of much bigger, borderlining on treasonous lies relating to his overseas financial gains, the fact that Biden’s so-called humanitarian aid meant for the people of Afghanistan is actually funding the Taliban, and so much more to include Biden’s claim that the DOJ was not obstructing the IRS investigation into Hunter.

In fact, Merrick Garland is being accused of lying to Congress, which is a crime itself and it’s clear Garland’s strings are being pulled by Biden who claimed that his administration had nothing to do with the raid on Trump’s home even though we now know Biden officials were at the raid.

Another lie. And remember, this clown Garland is who Obama and Biden wanted on the Supreme Court.

It’s also pretty clear at this point of how Blinken got his coveted job as secretary of state by orchestrating a key lie regarding Hunter’s laptop. If you remember the Biden-Trump debate, you’ll recall how adamant Biden was in being able to say the laptop story was “garbage,” based on that letter of lies.

Biden, of course, knew it wasn’t garbage and he looked America in the eye and lied about it as he continued to do so well into his presidency.

He lied about the laptop, he lied about not knowing about his son’s business dealings and how those shady dealings have been making the entire Biden family rich.

This is all just scratching the surface, of course. Where it begins to concern me is the acceptance of it all. We’ve all just become so used to politicians lying, it just becomes the norm when it shouldn’t.

And why? And more importantly, why doesn’t it matter when the lies that are being told are emptying your bank accounts, making life harder and putting our very way of life at risk?

Shouldn’t it matter? Should we not be at the point where we, as Americans, say this has to stop?

I think musical artist Tom Waits had it figured out when he said, “Most people don’t care if you’re telling them the truth or if you’re telling them a lie, as long as they’re entertained by it.”

Now Waits was simply referring to the stories inside a song and not national politics, but he was onto something larger in scale when it comes to lying and how we come to accept it.

We have long been a society of ostriches with our heads in the sand, wanting only to live inside our individual bubbles. Who cares if a politician lies as long as it doesn’t affect me, right?

Well, in the case of Biden’s lies, it is greatly affecting all of us and our ability to live our lives in prosperity and security.

Does his lie about giving his uncle a purple heart matter? It’s disgusting, especially when told to a group of veterans, but no. In the big picture of affecting our lives, it doesn’t matter.

Does his lies about being compromised by our adversaries matter? God, I would hope so, especially when all of these liberal energy policies are going to strengthen the very adversaries who have compromised the Biden family.

Again, Republicans have had their moments. Nixon couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it. The Bush administration wasn’t exactly honest about the reasons behind his desire to launch the Second Gulf War.

But we can compare those to democrats like Lyndon Johnson who staged the so-called “Tonkin incident” that launched the Vietnam War or even JFK who lied to the Cuban freedom fighters about having American air support. The support never came and those Cuban patriots were slaughtered.

We’ve listed Obama’s lies and have had at least three visits thus far focusing on the Biden lies.

Now, the reason why I like to check in with Politifact from time to time is they determined several years ago that Republicans lie more often than Democrats based on a study done by the Center for Media Public Affairs.

The Atlantic busted Politfact’s bias not long later by pointing out that Politifact was ignoring a lot of democratic lies while intentionally focusing on a handful of Republican exaggerators to tip their internal bias scales.

And as noted, the “report” was based on a sole study done by the Center for Media Public Affairs, an organization based at George Washington University and was busted years ago for manipulating data to reach their opinions.

“Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting,” a media observation group, said the analytical technique used by the Center, “is extremely dubious.”

FAIR discovered the Center had eliminated virtually all of the messages that were solicited regarding the First Gulf War in determining their findings that 59 percent of respondents had negative feelings about the U.S. government’s involvement in the war.

Well, it was found that the Center threw out 5,666 of 5,915 of the respondents to reach their conclusion regarding U.S. policy about the war.

So when liberals pull up these hack sites to try and convince you that it’s Republicans who do most of the lying, just remember that they are the ones that are either lying themselves or are just being fooled as usual.

When it comes to politics, lying seems to be central whether it’s the politicians, their staffs or the organizations supporting them.

If you do your research, it’s pretty easy to determine that it’s the liberals telling the most and biggest lies hands down.

And that comes back to the fact that liberalism is a mental disorder. So is pathological lying, which liberals routinely do.

So as always my fellow Patriots, the importance of keeping informed is paramount to combat liberal lying because it’s prevalent not only in those who call themselves liberals, but also in those who try to hide their liberalism within so-called nonpartisan groups and of course, the fake media.

Stay vigilant my friends because liberals are already intentionally manipulating data and information that is making up the upcoming AI revolution.

Keep spreading the truth, now more than ever.

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