Liberals have the uncanny ability to deny reality.

They say things like the Obama/Biden administration was the only scandal-free administration in U.S. history.

Well, we previously outlined 18 documented Obama scandals and those didn’t include what we now know about Biden’s scandals as VP, as well as his Senate scandal involving stolen classified documents.

Liberals will look you in the eye and say there is no such thing as election fraud, despite the overwhelming evidence of actual election fraud.

President Donald Trump’s so-called conspiracy theories have all proven to be fact over the past few years. His claim that the 2020 election was rigged, has been blasted by the left and he was outright called a “nutcase” for insinuating a rigged election.

It remains his only claim that has yet to be proven, but evidence and common sense takes us down the path of showing Trump is probably right about that, too.

The 74 million people who voted for Trump who raised their own concerns were silenced, canceled and denigrated by the left’s mass media propaganda arm.

The media has since had to acknowledge that election fraud occurs, but downplays it in dramatic fashion, noting that it was nowhere near enough fraud to have had an impact on the election.

Well, let’s do what liberals hate and look at the facts while inserting some logic and common sense.

Over the past few years, the Heritage Foundation has recorded 1,422 proven cases of election fraud by documenting various criminal convictions.

Keep in mind though, what really isn’t being reported is how many fake or fraudulent votes were involved in those individual cases.

But let’s take a quick look at some of the key swing states that did decide the election.

Since the 2020 election in Pennsylvania there have been nine criminal convictions, to include the recent conviction of former Philelphia democratic U.S. Congressman Michael Myers who was found guilty of falsifying voting records and conspiring to illegally orchestrate schemes to fraudulently stuff the ballot box.

We all remember the gigantic dump of votes in the middle of the night that erased Trump’s lead and those votes largely and allegedly came from Philadelphia voters.

It’s a story that wasn’t well reported but comes straight from the U.S. Justice Department in a press release. Myers apparently had been stuffing the ballot box since 2014 in favor of democrats.

Should have been a major story as just the tip of the democratic cheating iceberg, but there really isn’t a lot of media attention. I know, shocking, right?

The other convictions in Pennsylvania since 2020, included seven convictions for fraudulent use of absentee ballots and a conviction for voter impersonation at the polls.

In the other swing states of Michigan and Wisconsin, there have been multiple convictions relating to recent elections for ineligible voting, altering the vote count by a poll worker and three more convictions of fraudulent use of absentee ballots.

In Arizona, which drew a lot of attention for how close the election was and accusations of election fraud within a state that sent ballots to every household whether registered or not, there have since been seven convictions.

Those convictions range from fraudulent use of absentee ballots, voter impersonation and illegible voting.

Fortune Magazine – a far left rag – acknowledged 475 cases of election fraud in key swing states relating to the 2020 election, but the headline reads “Only” 475 cases.

“Only,”? Really?

Fortune went on to blast Trump and Republicans who were pushing the rigged election narrative by downplaying the number of swing state cases.

The media points out that the number of cases of individual convictions isn’t enough to overturn the election results, but the media doesn’t report how many votes were impacted in each individual case.

Was it dozens? Was it hundreds or thousands? We aren’t being told.

Election officials in Georgia, which was decided by a mere few thousand votes, found up to 1,000 voters double voted.

It’s important to note, in case you haven’t already assumed, that virtually all of these convictions were democrats.

So, OK, would 1,000 illegal votes in Georgia make the difference? Not at face value, but it isn’t taking into account another conviction of a man for fraudulent use of absentee ballots and “duplicate voting.”

And if there were 1,000 proven illegal votes in Georgia during the 2020 election, why is there only one conviction? How many more in the court pipeline relating to 2020 and more important, how many cases of election fraud were not caught?

Well, let’s look at some general numbers.

On average, there are 15,773 murders in America every year with 6,276 of them going unsolved. Now this is a crime where law enforcement throws a heavier than average amount of resources at and still almost half go unsolved even with today’s technology.

Now let’s scale down the crime to something law enforcement doesn’t have a lot of resources to focus on like burglaries in America.

Out of an average 3,370 daily burglaries across the country, only 438 are solved.

The Associated Press reports that there is, “far too little fraud to have tipped the 2020 election,” in Trump’s favor.

Are we really sure about that? That’s a rhetorical question, of course. The answer is absolutely not.

When you take into account the media’s lack of reporting on just how many votes were impacted in all of these election fraud cases, including poll worker convictions, then we are left to come to a common sense conclusion.

When you take into account almost half of the most serious crimes in America go unsolved, then how many acts of election fraud are going unsolved, and more importantly, how many are still getting away with it?

It’s kind of like illegal immigration, right? We know of over a million so-called got-a-ways so common sense tells you that if we know at least a million were seen and got away, how many have not been seen?

And this is no recent trend for cheating democrats who also were caught on video in 2016 bragging about inciting violence at Trump campaign rallies, as well as planning an election cheating campaign by transporting people across state lines to vote multiple times in the presidential elections, as well as midterm elections.

This is a topic about election fraud, but don’t let that one part about inciting violence at Trump rallies get away from you. Democrats are a despicable species who not only directly cheat, but indirectly cheat, as well, by creating these fake perceptions.

Then there is the ACORN scandal when Obama was running where ACORN staff members were caught on video teaching people how to illegally register to vote.

These instances, and others, were briefly reported on by the media, who then took it upon themselves to include nonfactual context in what was seen on video.

Is election fraud fact or fiction? One hundred percent fact.

Is Trump’s last so-called conspiracy theory about a rigged election fact or fiction? Every election is rigged by democrats so it’s definitely a fact. The only question remaining is just how effective their cheating campaigns really are.

Is it really so far out there to have a legitimate concern that states with democrat election officials took advantage of the pandemic, on top of their traditional cheating techniques, to think the 2020 election wasn’t legit?

In Sarasota County during the past midterm elections, allegations were made that those in charge of the polls rejected a Republican poll worker, but only after it was discovered she was a Republican.

From what I understand, that situation was remedied, but even when democrats find it too risky to cheat, it never stops them from trying.

Factor in the pandemic and in those states like Arizona where ballots were mass mailed to every address in the state, can any reasonable person believe there is no election fraud?

So is the democrat looking you in the eye and stating an obvious lie, a liar themselves or just a liberal cult member who will believe the sky is green and the grass is blue if their liberal masters tell them it’s so? Both can be and are true.

But democrats don’t care. When they are caught, there are rarely consequences and certainly no media outrage that people are violating the sanctity of free and fair elections in America.

The media just shrugs it off as, “Aw, it’s not that bad. No big deal. Nothing to see here. Look at the shiny object over there!”

They are caught all the time in these liberal political groups but they are rarely prosecuted and simply resign from their groups and typically start or join a new one. Occasionally they are fired, but we all know that’s just for show as these groups continue their efforts to cheat.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s important for Trump and the rest of us to move on from the “rigged election” narrative and focus on policies and candidates who will pull us out of this disastrous and corrupt administration.

But we aren’t stupid, either and just because I say maybe it’s time to focus in the future, certainly doesn’t mean we forget. Don’t tell us there wasn’t election fraud. Don’t try and convince us that there wasn’t enough of it to tip the scales of the election.

There are enough facts and enough evidence to make a reasonable assumption that election fraud can and does swing a close election.

So our jobs are simple. One, do our very best to make sure elections aren’t close by showing up to vote. Two, volunteer as poll workers to provide the oversight we need.

Three, stay vigilant, keep informed and share our truth.

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