In today’s episode of Captain Obvious, the House Judiciary Committee has determined Biden’s justice department had no basis to target parents who were raising educational concerns across America.

How shocking.

The report said, “This weaponization of law-enforcement powers against American parents exercising their First Amendment rights is dangerous.”

Ya think?

It’s pretty amazing common sense Conservatives have to take the time to prove the obvious these days in the face of utter liberal nonsense.

It falls in line with this whole ridiculous debate of whether men who identify as women should be allowed to compete in women’s sports.

Why is this even an argument?

I can squash this whole debate with one simple reality. If anyone thinks it’s fair for someone like Lea “Will” Thompson to go from a below average male swimmer to smashing NCAA women’s records, why doesn’t it work the other way around?

How many women who identify as men are competing against men? If they are, you aren’t hearing about them because they aren’t breaking men’s records as biological women.

Now if these women identifying as men were smashing NCAA men’s records, then perhaps an argument for fairness can be made. But that’s not happening so no one with common sense can say it’s fair for a biological male to compete against women.

So why then, is this even a discussion? Why is it even a discussion that the DOJ was inherently wrong in saying parents are terrorists for having a come to Jesus moment with local school boards.

Personally, I think the problem within our educational system runs much deeper than indoctrination and exposing our children to inappropriate content and curriculums.

If you look at how fast our children are falling behind the rest of the world, I believe it’s intentional. The liberal virus that has taken over our schools has a design behind it all.

Democrats have always been about power and control. They crave socialism because they see themselves as royalty and the rest of us as their peasants who exist to serve them.

Sadly, the liberal mind is OK with that. Liberals want to serve a master. It’s in their DNA to bend the knee to anyone who is willing to rob the rest of us to give it to them.

In order to establish that control, it requires an uneducated population incapable of thinking for itself. So wouldn’t it make sense that liberal educators not only want to sway a child’s thinking, but also to diminish his or her ability to think at all.

That is the mantra of today’s educational environment: Teach children what to think, not how to think.

In short, they want to dumb down the American population and Lord knows if you look at the left’s lunatic fringe, they have had some success in doing just that.

It’s a theory, but knowing what we know about the left, is it really that far-fetched to believe they intentionally want to uneducate our children instead of educating them?

I don’t think so.

Our so-called educators are passing children onto the next grades even though 75 percent of them are reading well below grade level and can’t do basic math.

And then you have our own Manatee County superintendent who gets caught inflating test scores with zero accountability – among other scandals.

How is that helping our children? For one, we are passing children onto higher grades where they are destined for failure because the work allegedly gets harder when they were already struggling to keep up.

Secondly, there is no accountability and what example is that setting for our children? They see adults get away with cheating. They see teachers failing at their jobs to educate and simply pass children on by giving grades that weren’t earned.

So now the child has figured out that their teachers can’t teach them and the administrators cheat and lie on their behalf. So the child has also figured out that they don’t even have to try.

And trust me, I’ve seen it firsthand with my stepson who didn’t have the grades to graduate from Braden River High School but had his grades changed just enough to graduate.

Fortunately my stepson has a heart of gold and is making his way through life, but it wasn’t an easy path because all he learned from high school is that he didn’t have to try. It was tough for a while because he had to learn the hard way that life is a much crueler educational path than high school.

Braden River High School failed him. His teachers failed him. The Manatee County School District failed him and the previous liberal controlled school board failed him.

We, of course, had no idea things had gotten so out of control until it was too late. Fortunately for him, he had determined parents that were going to fight his attitude that he didn’t have to try every step of the way.

And I’m here to tell you that it was quite the battle, but clearly worth the fight.

If that was my experience with this school district and school board, I know I can’t be alone. And if that’s what was happening in Manatee County, it had to be an epidemic across the nation.

So am I a terrorist for calling out this school district as much as I have? Is there an FBI file on me because I’m disgusted with what’s happening in our schools and am not afraid to say it?

According to Merrick Garland, the answer is yes because he has refused to rescind the infamous memo that targets caring parents. Nonsense.

If there is one thing we have learned over the past few years, it’s that we can never afford to get complacent again. Especially when it comes to trusting that our schools are doing the right things when it comes to our children.

I see our school district heading in the right direction and I think this school board will end up making some good decisions.

I don’t believe our superintendent’s pending retirement is a coincidence. I’m pretty sure she saw the writing on the wall and that fooling this current Conservative controlled school board would be alot more difficult than previous liberal controlled boards who have historically been a rubber stamp to anything our superintendents wanted.

We can’t take our eyes off the ball anymore. The future of our country is in the hands of our children. We must ensure they are being given all the tools necessary to be freedom loving, independent thinking Americans.

Stay vigilant out there my fellow Patriots. Keep informed and get involved with your child’s education. Their future and America’s future depends on it.

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