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Tales from the Mark Side: Denial of the truth doesn’t make it false


It was no surprise this week that a paper trail led Congress to discover that the Biden family received $3 million from a Chinese government owned energy company.

It adds to the millions of dollars given to the family by Russia, China and of course Ukraine which paid Hunter Biden millions for doing nothing.

You know … that thing Pelosi and crew tried to impeach Trump over for the thing that Biden actually did. Semantics, right? 

Where do I sign up for these gigs that pay me millions for doing no actual work, fuels my drug and stripper addictions and makes me want to date my dead brother’s wife?

Oh that’s right, I’m not corrupt so I don’t qualify. Damn it.

Even the dead brother’s wife got $30,000 and she’s a school guidance counselor.

We don’t get a lot of information about her but I, for one, was shocked to know she’s guiding young minds. She takes communist money and slept with her dead husband’s crackhead brother. And she’s a school counselor?

Nothing surprises me when it comes to our schools anymore.

I know I’ll get some hate mail for “picking on” Hallie Biden but can you imagine if this was Ivanka Trump doing the same thing? Or if it was Don Jr. or Erik doing what Hunter has done?

It would be a media firestorm. Look how far they took it when Ivanka was still selling handbags while she was working in the Trump administration. Actually, it’s more like Ivanka was volunteering because she refused pay. So did her father in case anyone forgot.

And yet there was zero coverage from the mainstream liberal propaganda machine on the latest news that proves the Biden family was taking cash from an American enemy.

Joe Biden keeps telling us that all of these things aren’t true. He told us his son’s laptop was Russian disinformation. He still hasn’t admitted that one. He told us he had no knowledge of his son’s overseas financial misadventures while his son was paying half the family’s bills with ill gotten gains.

And like those things, even though the $3 million China payment has proven to be real, Biden said on Friday that it’s not true. Even though his legal team has already admitted it.

Lordy, someone let me off this ride before I hurl. Round and round and round we go. The blizzard of lies out of Joe Biden’s mouth is dizzying.

I don’t know, maybe I need to have a chat with my brothers and ask them why they aren’t corrupt and making the family rich off of communist dollars.

One’s a veteran and former cop. The other was a military lifer, former Army Ranger and Green Beret and all around badass.

As you know, we were all raised by a Green Beret father and while his personal morals were questionable in the way he treated my mother and us kids, he did his best to raise us not to make the same mistakes and to be good Americans.

So I joined, did my duty and then became a journalist because, at the time, I believed it was a noble profession. Boy did I get screwed on that deal. Not at first, but definitely later.

So again, it’s not surprising that we found more dirt tied to the Biden family, but it never fails to surprise me that even when caught red handed, Joe Biden still lies about it.

I should know better than to be shocked when it happens, but I’m an honest guy – a good American as my father wanted me to be. So it’s not natural to me to see someone caught in a lie and yet they continue to tell the same lie.

It just makes me feel dirty inside. Everytime Biden or Kamala Harris speaks, I feel like I need to take a shower. I get the same feeling if I spend too much time on Twitter. What a cesspool that place continues to be despite Elon Musk’s good intentions.

So even though we know facts don’t matter to liberals, we know how much they lie and we have stated the science that proves liberalism is a mental disorder, I still get bewildered by it all.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

Sorry, I have to say that out loud a lot when I talk about liberals.

Case in point of what I’m talking about, however, are yet more recent messages from visiting liberals. They insist I’m spreading conspiracy theories and lies.

They don’t dispute what I say, they just call me a liar. Now that part, I’m never shocked about.

I will admit, that during our last visit I put forth a theory that if liberal politicians are bad at their jobs, there’s a good chance that the people you come across in the workforce that suck at their jobs also are likely liberals.

It’s a working theory, not a conspiracy theory and I said as much. I also said it was a good theory and I stand by that because I’m gifted with common sense and I’m sorry, not sorry, if you are a liberal but it just makes sense.

So yes, I throw in some theories from time to time and yes, I use satire here and there, and yes, I let you know my opinion within an opinion piece. I also can’t help being sarcastic at times. It’s just my sense of humor.

My humor is sarcastic and dark and is laden with sexual innuendos, of which I don’t use here obviously. I know for liberals humor is a concept that is hard.

That’s what she said.

Anyway, and yes, I know liberals have a hard time with reading comprehension because it requires one to process information in a rational way, which science proves liberals just can’t do.

But for those liberals and any new ones who may crash our visits, my arguments are based in facts. Otherwise I wouldn’t make said arguments.

You can pretend they aren’t facts, but that doesn’t change the truth. You have truth thrown in your face and take the path of Joe Biden by still insisting it’s not the truth, but guess what? It still is the truth.

Maybe the only way to get a liberal to understand is to write down all the facts like I do, ball them up in your hand and shove them up their … well, you know … then maybe that would work?

It’s a theory, but a good one.

So let me be clear to all you liberals who feel the need to message me. I don’t like you. I don’t consider you Americans. So quit choking on the facts and throwing up more lies.

I’ve been waiting for years for one of these liberals to message me with an argument based on actual substance. I’m still waiting.

This is no longer a debate or negotiation. If you missed one of my previous pieces, we broke up and I want it to stay that way. I simply don’t like you and don’t want anything to do with you.

Have I cleared this up? Did I make this easy to understand – even for a liberal? I hope so.

A big thank you to all of you who helped me out with my banking decision and for all the kind words you sent. It keeps me sane when I’m dealing with the insanity of liberals.

I’ve seen a few comments asking me to do more local pieces and those are coming. It’s been a little quiet on the local political front despite some obvious little tidbits of recent news that I just don’t consider to be news just yet.

I’m watching.

Stay vigilant out there my fellow Patriots. Keep informed and keep spreading our truth.

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