I’m sure you’ve had your fill of my personal banking issues given my rant during our last visit, but my first attempt at transitioning to a new bank wasn’t what I expected.

Long story short, I walked into my potential new bank and it was me, one teller, and the branch manager. There wasn’t another single soul in sight.

I thought, “Hey, look at me having good luck for a change. This should be smooth.”

But oh no, not the case.

The branch manager was inside her glass walled office staring at her computer and after about a minute of me staring at her to see if she would notice me, I asked the teller if I needed to wait on her to open a new account.

I was told that yes, I did, so she finally came out of her office and I politely told her that I was here to open a new account.

She informed me that would be great but I had to make an appointment.

I looked around again, making a point to fully turn my body toward the empty bank.

“An appointment”? I asked with a bit of sarcasm. “There’s no one else here.”

She dodged that fact and then told me I could go online and open the account myself and even offered to show me how to do it on my phone.

I think you can already see how this visit was going to turn out.

I asked her that if she was able to take the time to show me how to open a new account on my phone, why couldn’t she just sit down for a hot minute and open the account for me now?

She dodged that question too, and then offered again to make an appointment for me, at which time she would be happy to help me.

Don’t worry, I didn’t believe for a minute that even if I did that, she would be happy about it.

Now, at this point, I’m getting a little frustrated, but I’m a nice guy so I try to be subtle and let her know that this kind of thing is why I was switching banks in the first place. I told her of my problems with Truist in a way that was referencing the same kind of problem I was having right now with her and Wells Fargo.

All she said was, “Oh yes, I heard that about Truist.”

I stood there bewildered for a few seconds and that’s when the light went on. I didn’t say it out loud, but I told myself, “Ah, she’s a liberal. Her rational thought process is malfunctioning.”

She was incapable of understanding the logical irony that was playing out in front of her. Or the fact that she claimed I needed an appointment when no one else was in the bank. Or the fact that she was willing to show me how to set up an account on my phone, which would have taken the same amount of time to actually set up my account.

Round and round we go again.

Is this really what we do now as a society? Does anyone do their jobs anymore? Or more importantly, does anyone take pride in their job and actually puts in a little effort?

I left thinking, “Wow, she’s another one that really isn’t good at her job. She has to be a liberal because I’ve never met a liberal who’s good at their job.”

Think about all the times you’ve had to deal with a bank, insurance company, doctor or any business where you were just astounded at the stupidity of the person you are trying to have a rational conversation with.

I’d wager that if you asked them if they are a democrat, they would say yes. Now think about all the people who have impressed you with their professionalism and effort to make sure you are taken care of and I’d wager they were Conservatives.

It’s a theory but a good one if I do say so myself.

I’m sure there are decent democrats out there somewhere in the workforce, but this experience, of course, got me thinking about our current political environment as I was driving home from this complete waste of time.

We know liberal politicians are really bad at their jobs. We know Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are really, really bad at their jobs.

To be more accurate, Biden sucks at his job and Harris just doesn’t do her job. I guess that still makes her really bad at it.

If we look closely at just how bad democrat politicians are at their jobs, wouldn’t it make sense that transitions into the nonpolitical workforce?

Let’s look at what some democrats in the Biden administration have done this week and evaluate their job performance.

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm recently praised China for their investments into green energy. She actually said it’s a model to follow even though China is opening up new coal mines weekly and is one of the world’s worst polluters.

But then again she also said she wished she had a “magic wand” to make America energy independent. That “magic wand” reference doesn’t work out well for democrats since Obama said the same thing about bringing back manufacturing to the U.S.

And yet Trump did just that, and made us energy independent. Hmm. Have to give Granholm an F.

We already know secretary of transportation and serial breast feeder Pete Buttigiege gets an F for a series of epic failures.

Who would have thought a small town mayor who couldn’t fix his streets and screwed up the town’s bus line would have made a horrible secretary of transportation?

The liberals at the Pentagon chastised Russia for knocking one of our $35 million drones out of the sky by saying it was, “Environmentally unsound.”

Huh? F.

Russia is racing the U.S. in an attempt to recover the downed drone. I’d wager they find it first since this administration couldn’t find the five balloon-style objects they shot down after allowing an actual spy balloon to traverse the U.S.

We still don’t know what was shot down at $400,000 a missile. F.

Biden said he wouldn’t bail out Silicon Valley Bank after it over invested in government bonds and lost their behinds because of … well .. Biden’s economy. Now there’s some irony.

Of course the democrats are somehow blaming Trump. But California Gov. Gavin Newsom – as we just found out – lobbied Biden to do something about it, so the bailout is coming after all.

Newsome has family interests in the bank, but didn’t bother to tell anyone that. And of course, the bank customers are full of Silicon Valley liberal business accounts.

Biden figured out a lot of those folks are democrat donors so the rest of us get to pay to ensure those donations continue. F.

Republicans hold a border hearing at the actual border and democrats boycott the hearing after promising to attend the hearing. Why? F.

San Francisco liberals could very likely approve the reparations plan for slave descendants except San Francisco nor California ever had slaves.

Wait, what? F.

As usual, my fellow Patriots, this is just your latest snapshot in time. It is impossible to keep up with the fast pace of liberal nonsense.

So as we end another visit under this looney administration, let us keep the hope that with each day we survive, we get closer to the 2024 election.

And as I continue to find a decent bank, stay vigilant out there my friends. Keep informed and keep spreading our truth.

Next time you have an unpleasant encounter with someone in the workforce, remember that democrats don’t just hold office. They are everywhere making our lives miserable by sucking the life out of common sense.

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