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Tales from the Mark Side: The trouble with liberals …


The trouble with liberals … 

Liberals continue to confound me.

I have tried so hard to understand them for so long. I tried to sympathize with them because we’ve learned that they suffer from a mental disorder. Conservatives are a compassionate people after all, but we do have our limits.

I’ve tried to engage them in a rational conversation and have pleaded for them to present me with a substantive argument on why they believe in the things they do.

The result of that effort has been … well … less than successful.

Why can’t they at least present an argument for why they think it’s OK to let criminals roam free, to teach our youngest children that pedophilia is natural or that America shouldn’t have borders?

I keep trying to ask these types of questions and I keep presenting the facts during our visits together and I get the dumbest messages from liberals.

One recent message simply said, “Oh look, another racist Nazi a**hole.”

Now, usually I get those kind of messages with just one of those names. I’ll get an email calling me a racist OR Nazi OR a**hole.

This guy threw all three into the pot. Kudos. I bow to your intellectual prowess my liberal friend. Impressive.

It’s just a drop in the bucket of what I deal with when it comes to liberal hostility. After President Trump’s CPAC speech, I was feeling pretty happy with what he had to say and how he said it.

So naturally, I posted to my Facebook page that I thought it was a great speech and that Trump was spot on in addressing the issues with solutions.

Some liberal that somehow snuck onto my friend’s list commented that I must be either sick or stupid.

I essentially asked him if he was capable of presenting an argument since he took it upon himself to post that comment on someone’s page he clearly knows nothing about, and then promptly sent him to the void of unfriend.

Now don’t get me wrong here because I love it when liberals expose the fact that they aren’t smart enough to debate on substance so they resort to insults.

It makes me laugh … hysterically at times.

But it also bewilders me because I have come to understand there really is no solution to the liberal problem in America.

They can’t be reasoned with, they don’t understand facts and completely ignore logic. We know it’s the malfunction in their brains that causes this problem for them, but how do we figure out the end game?

And is there an end game that isn’t resolved with America’s Second Civil War?

Is it possible when you have a city like New York paying BLM members who rioted, burned and pillaged $5,000 apiece to settle a suit that claims BLM members’ right to peaceful assembly were violated when they were arrested and/or impeded by NYC police?

Seriously? BLM thugs didn’t have a lawful permit and it certainly wasn’t peaceful so NYC is going to pay them for the damage they caused?

Lordy, if that doesn’t sum up the world we live in I don’t know what does.

At least Chicago gave Lori Lightfoot the heavy boot. (See what I did there?)

Not sure either candidate in the runoff will be much better but at least the Chicago Police Union thinks one is less evil than the other. We’ll see if a democrat is capable of getting the wild wild west of Chicago streets under control.

Don’t hold your breath … and don’t go to Chicago.

If BLM won’t even go to Chicago to address black on black crime, it’s probably a good bet that no one should go.

Most of us have always known that the left is crazy, full of hate and violent. Except they use the mob to intimidate the individual because they are also cowards.

Individually, they can only use their prowess as keyboard warriors to troll freedom loving Americans, but even on social media the trolls have a way to mob together.

It’s like they unionized or something.

Have you seen these protests at libraries that are still trying to promote transgender lifestyles to young children? Those protesting against exposing children to sexual lifestyles are parents and concerned citizens that include members of the LGBTQ community who know this is wrong.

I have transgender friends who know this is wrong. And I know transgender people who think concerned parents are fascists. The transgender people I know who are on both sides of this issue are Conservatives and liberals.

We have a lot of, “There are only two kinds of people in the world.” But when it really comes down to it, you are either a normal Conservative or a crazy liberal. It’s either common sense or lunatic fringe. Right or left, or as in most cases, Right or wrong.

The counter protestors who want to expose children to drag queen shows spew hatred and resort to violence. Why? Because those concerned are asking them why would they want to expose children to it?

The logical protestors made the mistake of asking the mentally ill liberals a question that would require them to present a logical answer.

It can’t be done. It’s like trying to walk through a brick wall. So the leftist triggered brain that is incapable of producing  rational thought – as science has proven – simply snaps and reverts to its most basic instincts.

Kind of like a zombie.

I’m rambling a bit today because I like to think I can put forward a solution to just about anything. But it really comes down to the simplest acknowledgement that liberals are like addicts.

You simply can’t help them if they aren’t willing to help themselves.

What that ultimately means is the big question. It leads us back to the end game. When all reasonable efforts have been exhausted, what’s next?

Well you don’t continue to let the addict who doesn’t want help live in your home. To do so means you will be robbed, your life thrown in chaos and you possibly could get hurt when you least expect it.

The only way to preserve your peace of mind, your individual liberty and keep home and property secure is to kick the addict out.

Well America is our home. We tried to help liberals. For our efforts, we have been stolen from, attacked and our home is in chaos.

Time to kick the liberals out of our home.

The only question remaining is whether they will leave peacefully or if a certain measure of force is necessary.

A Second Civil War? Hell, it’s possible but I’m in no way saying it’s time to fight fire with fire. That would land me in all kinds of trouble because I’m a Conservative.

Meanwhile, liberals are allowed to run rampant, commit acts of violence, burn down cities, surround and harass Conservatives, loot and be the anarchists they are.

They form groups like BLM and ANTIFA and the media and liberal politicians hail them as heroes. A Conservative speaks his mind about things like family and values and he’s called a racist Nazi a**hole and gets put on a DOJ watchlist.

Conservatives form a group like the Proud Boys – which was one of the most diverse Conservative groups in the country by the way with 33 percent of its members being nonwhite – and they are called neoNazi fascists and terrorists.

Now maybe there were some other issues with the Proud Boys, to include their leader being a federal informant. My point is that Conservatives come together to form a group in most places in this country and it will be labeled a terrorist group.

I don’t need to be Captain Obvious here and say there is something innately wrong with this picture. And I don’t need to say that I, for one, am growing awfully sick of the hypocrisy.

Since when do Conservatives have to walk on eggshells? Well I don’t and never will. And I know you never will either.

Our one true chance at turning things around and sending these liberals back into the sewers from whence they came, is to win back the White House with a true Conservative warrior like Trump or DeSantis.

If there is an end game to all of this, it has to be that. This country simply will not survive another four years of liberal policies. It’s that simple. Something has to give.

Stay vigilant my fellow Patriots. Keep informed and keep spreading our truth.

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