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Speaker McCarthy Sets A New Tone

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has ushered in a new era of bipartisanship in Congress. During the Pelosi era there was little cooperation between Democrats and Republicans because Pelosi fostered an environment of mistrust. 

During the Pelosi era, when Nancy was  briefed individually by the intelligence community, she did not include McCarthy, who was at that time Minority Leader, in the briefings. Speaker McCarthy has changed the tenor in Washington by including Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries in his intelligence briefings. 

The appointments to the House Select Committee on China have highlighted the different leadership styles of McCarthy and Pelosi. McCarthy shared with Jeffries his list of possible appointments to the committee before McCarthy made his appointments. This allowed Jeffries to see the seriousness of McCarthy’s appointees before Jeffries made his appointments. The result of this professional relationship is a committee that is respected in Washington because of the gravitas of its members. McCarthy realized that when dealing with serious national security issues, the unity of the United States is more important than scoring political points.

Members of the US House are now charged with passing budget bills for the first time in years. This will not be a blissful process but our Speaker has set a standard for disagreeing without being nasty. 

Each side of the political aise has their flame-throwers who don’t care about getting work accomplished. These flame-throwers like AOC, Schiff, Greene, and Gaetz are more interested in increasing their Twitter followers than working on behalf of the working class. Fortunately, Speaker McCarthy seems more interested in governing than showboating. The American taxpayers will be the beneficiaries of his new standard.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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