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The Documents Were Safe, They Were In My Garage

Just when we think that Biden and his Attorney General can’t surprise us anymore, we get “Garage-gate.” Following closely on the heels of President Trump’s issues with the National Archives, we have witnessed how the national media deals with similar issues from  different political parties. 

The national media has always leaned to the left politically and it is exposed when a political scandal erupts. In 1951, Senator Richard Nixon was nominated to be the running mate of General Dwight Eisenhower in the Presidential election. Nixon had come from a humble background and when he entered politics, supporters had set up a fund to help him financially. 

Nixon had irritated the national press when he had assisted in exposing Alger Hiss, a member of the liberal political establishment, as having been a member of the Communist Party in the United States. This was during the time of the rise of communism around the world and many northeastern liberals were sympathetic to the communist cause. These liberals believed that the Soviet Union would set the standard for how the world should be run. Hiss went to prison and the national press never forgave Nixon.

When the national media discovered the existence of a slush fund to support Nixon, they created a firestorm calling for him to be removed from the Presidential ticket. Nixon addressed the country in a nationwide television speech and explained how the fund had come into existence. Eisenhower decided to keep Nixon as his running mate and they were elected and Nixon served eight years as Vice-President. 

A few years later, John Kennedy, a liberal Democrat and a darling of the national press corps was elected President. During his term as President, it was widely known that Kennedy was a womanizer and that he was careless in his flings with multiple women. One such woman was actually a mistress of a certain mob figure. The national media kept a tight lid on this information and refused to publish any articles about  Kennedy’s reckless behavior. The media justified their double standard because they agreed with Kennedy’s policies.

This liberal bias continues to this day as we witness the media attempt to downplay Biden’s lax treatment of classified documents in his control. When the Justice Department under Merrick Garland approved an armed raid of Trump’s residence, the media cheered. Pictures were leaked to the press, which dutifully published the pictures to substantiate the argument that Trump was careless with national security. 

While this was occurring, Biden was storing classified documents in his garage. It is easy to believe that Biden had no knowledge of the documents being in his garage. We have all witnessed, on a daily basis, the decline in his cognitive abilities. If Joe had just said that he forgot the documents were in the garage he would have been forgiven. But no, Joe had to come up with the “dog ate my homework” excuse. Joe said, “the documents were safe, they were in a locked garage.” 

Wow, little did we realize how safe garages were. Just think of all the money that can now be saved from people who purchase safes for storage or rent safety deposit boxes at banks. Now they can save money by just placing their valuables in their garage. 

Biden has finally found a way to defeat inflation. No more spending on security devices. Just put everything in the garage.

The sad fact is that world leaders, good and bad, observe Biden’s erratic behavior. We may all suffer bad consequences if evil people use Biden’s lack of cognitive abilities as an excuse to do evil things in the world. The national press has been a part of the charade by refusing to report on Biden’s deficiencies.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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