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Tales from the Mark Side: T’was the joke before Christmas: A Biden border tale

By Mark Young


Let’s give some credit where credit is due because the department of homeland insecurity and the White House of horrors has been promising they have a plan to deal with an illegal immigration explosion when Title 42 ends this week.

First of all, there is already an illegal immigration explosion so what has been the plan all along other than to assign an incompetent vice president as the border czar who has never been to the border – or Europe as she famously pointed out?

Well the White House revealed part of their plan this week and it’s a doozy. The plan is to blame those of us pointing out the very obvious crisis at the border as being responsible for the crisis at the border.

Yep. This administration is actually saying that we are responsible for the border crisis because we are pointing out the border crisis and that we are “aiding human trafficking and drug smugglers” by speaking out about the crisis.

You can’t make this stuff up if you try. That’s like hiring a non-binary, cross-dressing baggage thief to be in charge of our nuclear waste program. Oh wait, that happened too.

Every time I think this White House can’t possibly get more ridiculous, they prove me wrong.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that the White House says the crisis is our fault, but Lordy, that’s taking the acronym ADAM (admit nothing, deny everything and make counter accusations) to a whole new level.

It’s like if I witnessed a murder and law enforcement said it was my fault because I saw the murder.


It makes no sense but what does these days when it comes to these mentally deranged people who are in control of this psychiatric hospital from which we can’t seem to escape?

It falls in line with today’s democrats. After all, this is the same administration who called parents domestic terrorists simply because mons and dads wanted more input and information about what their children were being taught.

Shame on those parents for caring about their kids and shame on us for being concerned about the historic numbers of illegal immigration, human trafficking, drug trafficking, drug poisonings, and the now hundreds of people on our terrorist watch list crossing the border – that we know of.

How dare we care that our taxpayers will be supporting millions of law breakers over our own veterans. How dare we care about the record number of people being murdered by drug poisonings. How dare we care about that three quarters of the women and young girls crossing the border were raped along the way and destined for sex slavery.

How dare we even care about the record number of illegal immigrant deaths at the border. How dare we care about our fellow American towns and cities who will be facing record crime rates when these illegals figure out there is nowhere to go and not enough jobs for them.

Yeah, how dare we.

And now we are just supposed to shut up and believe that the border is secure and that this administration has a plan? I don’t think so.

The White House minions actually going on TV and blaming us reminds me of the lady on social media a few years ago who demanded an end to the killing of animals because all we have to do is get our meat from the grocery store.

She actually believed the meat in the grocery store was somehow magical and didn’t involve the killing of animals.

These are the people we have in charge right now. These are people who vote, my fellow Patriots.

These are the consistent 40 to 45 percent of this country who believe Joe Biden is doing a good job.

These are people who probably think Harry Potter is a real-life documentary. These are the people who don’t know why the Revolutionary War was fought – and even more horrifying is the fact they can’t answer who won.

These are the people who the democrats have always relied upon to win elections. This is where I offer the reminder that those aren’t my words.

Those are the words within the DNC leaked emails where democrats denigrated the peasants and minorities in this country who they so proudly boasted they can manipulate.

And the very next day those emails came to light, every democrat ran to TV cameras and started screaming about Russian collusion. And we already know the liberal squirrels saw that shiny object and turned to look away from the truth once again.

This is the real battle my friends. It is the battle between truth and ignorance. It is a battle that should be easily won and yet we lose these battles more than we win.

Ignorance is a legitimate foe. It is the most dangerous enemy we face. Ignorance has brought down empires throughout history. Are we next?

If we ever stop speaking the truth, our doom is sealed. If we ever get to the point like so many Americans have, in saying, “I don’t pay attention,” we have no future.

When America falls, so spreads the evil across the globe. Humanity is a difficult concept to save when humanity itself is responsible for its self-inflicted demise.

So it takes warriors like us to stay vigilant, stay aware, be informed, teach others and spread messages like this one to everyone you know.

Keep the faith my friends. We have been losing battles but as long as we stay in this fight, the war is far from over.

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