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Tales from the Mark Side: Hell hath frozen over: I agree with AOC

They say that even a broken clock is right twice a day and since that is an accurate statement, it’s time to acknowledge that even AOC is right for once.

I guess it had to happen but I’m surprised that people like comrade AOC and mad Maxine Waters are on the same page as most people when they are publicly questioning the timing regarding the arrest of Sam Bankman-Fried.

The FTX digital currency founder and all around idiot was taken into custody by Bahamian authorities this week with an extradition hearing set for February.

The arrest came just one day before Bankman-Fried was due to testify – via zoom of course – in front of the House Financial Services Committee.

Forbes Digital was able to obtain what Bankman-Fried’s opening statement was going to be. It’s essentially Bankman-Fried crying about how his bank account is down to $100,000 and that he has been unable to work with the Chapter 11 team due to restrictions to FTX information.

Well duh.

Bankman-Fried essentially says that he can make his customers whole by “restarting FTX.”

That’s like Charles Manson saying he can fix the brutal slayings of innocent people if authorities would have just let him reopen his ranch.

OK, definitely not the same, but you get my meaning. It’s absurd.

Bankman-Fried’s opening statement goes on for pages and pages about a lot of nothing. He tries to play the victim and even plays the sympathy card toward the end about his depression issues.

What he doesn’t acknowledge is his attempt to become the next George Soros in financially influencing the Socialist push within the democratic party. The only difference being, of course, is that Soros uses his money while Bankman-Fried used his clients’ money.

That’s why I’m surprised AOC and Waters are questioning the timing of his arrest because what Americans really want to know is how deep Bankman-Fried’s dirty fingers reached into the filth of DNC corruption.

What was Bankman-Fried really buying with all those millions of dollars to dirty democrats? What was the end game?

That’s what Republicans on the House Financial Services Committee wanted to ask. That’s what Americans wanted to know before the legal system stepped in to silence him.

That’s why Patriots are suspicious of his arrest the day before those questions could be asked. Imagine the dirty politics Bankman-Fried bought access to as he stood shoulder to shoulder with some of the deepest mud dwelling D.C. swamp monsters ever to play the dirty political game.

Not that we would have had those questions answered to our satisfaction. But Conservatives are crystal clear on the fact that our government, and particularly the Southern District of New York, which ensured Bankman-Fried was taken into custody before the hearing, works in overdrive to suppress and manipulate the truth.

To say this is a coincidence is absurd. The only question is why?

But the real joke is how the New York U.S. Attorney’s Office is taking a victory lap on this arrest despite the suspicious circumstances surrounding the timing.

This FTX disaster started in early November and it’s not like this was a deep investigative law enforcement victory. No one knew about it until it was too late and it’s a fact that they should have known.

This was a gift wrapped arrest of Bankman-Fried’s own doing so trying to take credit for it is like me trying to take credit for electricity just because I flip a switch and the light comes on.

It’s ridiculous and only deepens the suspicion of the old adage: I think thou dost protest too much.

When liberals and Conservatives agree – even if for different reasons – you know it’s a case of something wicked this way comes.

What the Southern District of New York is trying to hide may prove impossible to discover at this point. Which high level dirty democrats were pushing the buttons on accelerating Bankman-Fried’s arrest may also go unsaid.

I mean really … it took two years for the dirty dems to acknowledge the existence of Hunter Biden’s laptop. It took six years for dirty dems to acknowledge the fake Russian collusion hoax, although many don’t acknowledge it, they just ignore it now.

How long will it take before we know the extent of how deep dirty dems were involved with Bankman-Fried’s financial adventures? What was bought? What was sold?

Bankman-Fried knows. Bankman-Fried is a child and he is a coward. To save his own behind, a fair court process may expose what we want to know.

But that’s not how democrats play the game. That’s not how a corrupt federal justice department plays the game. If there is anything that Bankman-Fried knows that will make democrats look bad, then there is only one sure outcome out of two possibilities.

Democrats within the justice department will make a deal with Bankman-Fried for him to remain quiet or Bankman-Fried will be found dead in his jail cell.

You heard it here first.

So until we find out, my fellow Patriots, stay vigilant, stay aware, keep informed, teach others and share our visits.

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