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Tales from the Mark Side: The curious case of Brittney Griner

I don’t like to offend anyone.

Well, that’s not true at all. I don’t want to start off our visit with a boldfaced lie, so let’s just admit that I’m not politically correct, never will be, and most importantly, I don’t care.

So with that said, let me just say I’m not going to be the person who says, “Oh, let’s be glad that American Brittney Griner is home. We are always glad when an American is back home, but …”

I see every talking head across the media spectrum open up the conversation about Biden’s ridiculous Griner trade for a notorious Russian arms dealer in Viktor Bout with those very words.

Everyone wants to be so carefully gentle about saying it’s a good thing Griner was released before getting into the fact that it’s just another Biden disaster.

We traded a WNBA “star” who takes a knee during the National Anthem for the “Merchant of Death.”

No one in America with the exception of maybe the 11 people who watch the WNBA knew who Griner was before the Russians took her. That’s the first thing we have to be honest about.

I am not going to start off a conversation like this with some kind of pleasantry before I get to the obvious point that this was a bad deal all the way around.

I’m going to say it like it is. But with that said, let’s break it down without getting into the obvious one-sided trade deal details that also left behind a former U.S. Marine who remains in a Russian prison on fake spy charges.

Democrat after democrat has been saying the same thing in this case, up to and including the White House by uttering these simple phrases: “It was Russia’s decision.” “Vladimir Putin is a tough negotiator.” “This is all we could get from Putin.”

Wait, what?

Can you imagine the uproar if a Republican administration essentially admitted that Russia was in complete control of this deal and that Putin was the better and tougher negotiator?

Where are the Conservative pundits on this latest liberal confession?

Oh wait, here I am. I guess you’ll have to settle on me to point out that democrats blatantly and unapologetically caved to Putin and admitted that he’s better than them.

Trading Griner for Bout is like trading Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen to the Dolphins for a seventh round pick in the middle of a playoff run. It’s like trading your grandmother’s sterling silverware set for a pack of gum. It’s like trading your 20-something Victoria’s Secret girlfriend in for Rosie O’Donnell.

In the words of Biden himself, “Come on man.”

And then you go around and say things like, “This is the best we could do.”

I guess it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this is, indeed, the best the Biden administration could do, but that’s not the point. Biden getting played like a thrift store guitar missing four strings by Putin is the point.

Russia now knows what they can do to get their spies and other dangerous people out of American federal prisons. Griner was the ultimate pawn in Putin’s chess game against Biden and I’m here to tell you that Putin is saying, “Checkmate.”

This trade puts Americans abroad in very real danger because it’s not just Putin we have to worry about. It’s every dictator and Banana Republic maniac across the globe.

But here’s the thing about Griner that I will say. If, and I do mean if, Griner has come to appreciate this country, has come to understand the words within our National Anthem and gains a newfound love for the country that provides her so much freedom to be herself – then and only then – will I say I’m happy she’s home.

If she will now use her much more substantial platform of being a household name to educate others in how they are wrong to disrespect America, then she will be forgiven and celebrated by me.

If all that happens, then I can almost say it’s worth the trade. It would be the rare case of a liberal being reformed. It’s so rare that you almost have to say it was worth it.

Personally, I think every liberal in this country should have their freedoms stripped away and get locked up on trumped up charges in hostile foreign countries. 

One would hope that it would awaken them to the greatness – despite our flaws – of this awesome land of the free and home of the brave.

I even think it would be great for my two most outspoken liberal haters in Rick and Jared to be locked up by the Russians. Yes, I see your comments and sadly those posts are very typical and predictable of liberals.

You post little gifs and make nonsensical statements without providing a substantive and fact based argument. 

I also see some of you trying to present facts to them when they comment. God bless you, but trust me, I’ve been debating these kinds of liberals for years and it’s like playing chess with a rooster.

You win the game, but the rooster is too stupid to know it, so the win really isn’t gratifying because all you did was beat a rooster.

Truth be told, Jared and Rick entertain me though and I give them credit in that at least they try to absorb facts they don’t agree with just by being involved.

That’s assuming they read all the way through and that’s a big assumption. But keep it up you two. Whether you know it or not, I appreciate visiting with you as well.

Sadly, these two are my most consistent liberals. I should be getting trolled by a lot more liberals so perhaps it’s time to step up my game.

Until then my fellow Patriots, stay vigilant, stay aware, keep informed, teach others, share our message and stay away from hostile countries.

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