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Tales from the Mark Side: DOJ or Dukes of Hazzard?

By Mark Young


It’s a sad and scary time in America when we have reached the point of losing complete faith in what are supposed to be our most trusted law enforcement agencies.

We’ve gone into great detail about the long history of corruption that has plagued the FBI and we know from the Obama/Biden administration how the DOJ was weaponized under Eric Holder’s scandalous regime.

We also know how the IRS was weaponized against Conservatives under the Obama and Biden watch so hiring 87,000 new – and now armed – IRS agents is going to be a case of government abuse of power at its highest levels.

During our last visit, we briefly touched on the fact that the FBI and ATF had planted dozens of agents in the crowd during the so-called Jan. 6 insurrection.

Now we are learning that the FBI agents were dressed as Trump supporters, but the FBI is neither confirming or denying the latest information.

So what exactly were they doing? We’ve already seen video of a democrat operative inciting the crowd. What role did these agents play? What is the FBI hiding this time and why are they hiding it?

And we also find out that our illustrious attorney general – who had no problem going after American parents and patriots, but won’t even talk about an actual Biden family scandal – appointed a special counsel to go after Trump.

This announcement, of course, comes just two days after Trump announces he will run again for president. I’m sure this is just a coincidence. Nothing to see here, right?

Republicans finally get a chance to investigate Joe Biden’s illegal financial ties to his son’s dealings with foreign governments, including China. So democrats once again throw out the shiny object to distract the easily manipulated segment of this country.

It has always worked for them, so why change the playbook?

This is one reason I will never completely bad mouth Mitch McConnell because if it wasn’t for him, Merrick Garland would be sitting on the Supreme Court.

Can you even imagine that after we’ve witnessed him as the liberal puppet he has become? Talk about close calls, so thank you Mitch for that one huge success that ultimately paved the way for three solid Trump picks for SCOTUS.

Can we get a collective whew?

I mean seriously, this is becoming an episode of the Dukes of Hazzard. Christopher Wray is like Boss Hog and Garland is Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane.

If you are too young to remember Dukes of Hazzard, I’ll just make it simple and reference Dumb and Dumber.

The corruption within our two top law enforcement agencies is so blatantly obvious I can’t understand how anyone doesn’t see it.

Oh, wait. Yeah there’s that whole liberalism is a mental disorder thing we have to acknowledge.

I’ve followed politics for decades and have written political columns for almost as long. I have long raised the warnings of what liberals are up to and now it’s no longer even a secret.

It’s out there for everyone to see and remember the most important point that I have made and the point that needs repeating: When democrats blame, they are actually confessing.

Democrats live in the bizarro universe where what they say means the opposite. They claim they want to save democracy but ultimately want to destroy it and seize complete power.

They are doing it right in front of our eyes and yet the liberal sheep keep on grazing right next to the wolf’s den.

And then there are those like the most recent man-on-the-street interviews I saw where Americans couldn’t even name who we fought in the Revolutionary War much less than why it was fought.


At the same time, these same Americans are voting and saying Kamala Harris has done so many great things but when asked, can’t name one thing. Not surprising since Harris not only hasn’t done anything good, but has screwed up everything she touches.

We know that so why don’t democrats? It’s one thing to acknowledge that you simply admit that you don’t like America and want socialism to control your life, even if you don’t understand what that actually means.

I can at least deal with that and understand that OK, this person is mentally ill. What I can’t deal with is ignorance. If you don’t know a single thing a legal immigrant has to learn to become an American citizen, you don’t deserve your birthright.

If you don’t know who we fought in World War II or what Hitler did, then please just go away. Or, at least, stop voting. Just stay home and let the informed adults make the decisions.

It’s what you want anyway, right? If you are a liberal, all you really want is to stay in your bubble and let others make the decisions for you, so just stay out of it altogether and let us do that for you.

You can just sit back and enjoy blissful ignorance and live your life vicariously watching Tic Toc videos.

And speaking of Tic Toc, we all do remember Trump’s attempt at shutting down Tic Toc because it was being used as a Chinese spying tool, right? Now all of a sudden, politicians are voicing concerns about that very thing.

Once again, Trump was right. Just about every single thing the left called a conspiracy theory during Trump’s administration has proven to be true. The last holdout are the theories surrounding Jan. 6 and we are beginning to learn that those, too, are likely not conspiracy theories either.

But, of course, we knew that, too.

It’s exactly why the corrupt system has gone after Trump so hard and for so long. They don’t want a president who will actually fight for the American people. They don’t want a president who won’t keep the corrupt system intact that makes corrupt people richer.

Democrats stun me in the fact that they don’t see they are being played for fools. They just keep grazing away while the wolf lurks nearby, hunting, stalking and ready to feed.

The only thing saving the sheep is the alert sheep dog, ready to give its life to protect and save the flock, but we are being leashed to the point where it could become impossible to do our job.

The slaughter is inevitable. But the sheep don’t understand that their trusted herder is responsible for their downfall.

I guess that’s just the nature of sheep. It’s also the nature of liberals. They are contributing to their own downfall while the herder attempts to chain us to a tree.

We want to be loyal to the herder but we understand that the flock must be saved. So as Conservatives, we acknowledge that sometimes it’s not the wolf that is the enemy. It’s the herder.

Democrats still rely on the sheep’s ignorance. It’s all they have. The number of ignorant Americans is still a lot, but Trump’s greatest success will be shrinking that number by exposing the light of truth on the corrupt darkness of Washington D.C.

Liberals will get desperate, my friends. Their true intentions are beginning to show and it will get worse before it gets better.

Our mission remains the same. We must stay vigilant and be aware of the real dangers facing our Republic. And we must not only keep informed, but do our best to ensure others become informed.

There is no time to rest. The fight continues.

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