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It has been an interesting 2 weeks observing Elon Musk as the CEO of Twitter. The offer he made to buy Twitter seemed like a knee-jerk reaction after an evening of over indulging in his favorite cannabis product. How many men have come home after an evening of overindulging in alcohol with a new dog or some item they had purchased that seemed like a good idea at the time. 

After the market collapse, Musk was forced to follow through with his offer to purchase Twitter and as a result the Twitter universe has changed dramatically. It appears that Twitter was full of Millennials and Gen Zers that had never worked a full day’s work. Entrepreneurs like Musk are successful because they put all of their focus into their projects and they demand the same of their employees. 

Twitter was a company that was enduring enormous operating losses. Elon realized that the only way to save the company was to dismiss the employees who were focused on their benefits and perks and replace them with a smaller organization that bought into his vision. 

Musk’s vision appears to view Twitter as a place where all viewpoints can be expressed and debated. His only exception appears to be viewpoints that espouse violence or take advantage of cruelty to children. It is interesting to note that Musk is not some right wing ideologue. He would be considered a liberal on most social issues and stated that he has mostly voted Democratic in the past. 

Millennials and Gen Zers at Twitter attended universities where freedom of expression meant the freedom to express leftist viewpoints. Conservative values and viewpoints are “triggering” to these individuals so they were happy to help censor conservative tweets over the past few years.

Their ideology took some interesting twists. Today most people understand that the Moderna and Pfizer Covid vaccines do not prevent the spread of Covid and do not prevent a vaccinated person from contracting Covid. However, 1 ½ years ago, tweeting that statement would get you banned from Twitter. At the same time, tweeting that the Covid virus may have originated in a research lab in Wuhan, China would get you suspended from Twitter. Tweeting that men don’t have periods and can’t get pregnant would get you cautioned. 

Elon Musk realized that if Twitter’s fascist censoring was allowed to become the norm, it would alter the course of our country for many generations.

As a result of Musk’s investment in Twitter, Gen Zers and Millennials will now have a chance to observe full debates on all issues on Twitter. These youngsters will discover that hearing different voices and opinions does not result in psychological disorders but it may make them mentally stronger. 

How many of us have changed our minds on subjects after listening to different viewpoints? Often after hearing different opinions we may not adopt those opinions but we have a greater understanding of why other people may disagree with our viewpoint. 

Hopefully, Twitter under Elon Musk will be successful and help our country in the process. VIVE LA DIFFERENCE!

Bob Spencer

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