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Aaron Rodgers versus Mike Florio

The Aaron Rodgers vaccine saga gave us insight into how the woke NFL and woke sportswriters embarrassed themselves by reporting on a story without obtaining all the facts. In early 2021 the RNA vaccines were being rolled out for public use in an attempt to end the Covid-19 pandemic. Americans were told emphatically by the medical establishment (Dr. Fauci, among many) that if they received the RNA vaccine they would not contract Covid and they could not transmit Covid to others. 

Aaron Rodgers, quarterback of the Green Bay Packer, and all other NFL players were told they needed to take the vaccine. Rodgers happens to be a very healthy and fit athlete with no existing comorbidities. Rodgers also has an allergic reaction to poly ethylene glycol (PEG). PEG is a polyether compound derived from petroleum and is used in the RNA based vaccines to allow the vaccine ingredients to evade the body’s immune system. Patients with a PEG allergy can go into anaphylactic shock when exposed to PEG. Taking the RNA based vaccines was not an option for Rodgers. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) had advised those with a PEG allergy to avoid the RNA based vaccines. 

The non-RNA alternative vaccine, the J&J vaccine, was not an option for Rodgers as it had just been pulled from the market because of blood-clotting factors. 

Rodgers was concerned about Covid so he undertook research to find an alternative to vaccines that would give him protection against Covid. After much research, Rodgers chose to follow a holistic approach that allowed 

him to gain immunity from Covid by taking a diluted strand of the virus over a two month period. This was a treatment used by many people who did not wish to take the RNA based vaccines. 

Rodgers approached the NFL in the spring of 2021 and asked for an exemption from the vaccine mandate in light of the alternative treatment he had chosen. He submitted more than 500 pages of research to support his exemption. The NFL denied his exemption saying that the vaccines would

prevent him from getting covid and transmitting covid to other players and NFL personnel. 

In August of 2021, Rodgers entered the Green Bay training camp and noticed that 5 vaccinated players were absent because they had tested positive for Covid. He mentioned this to the NFL official and asked that they accept a vaccine alternative since the assertion that the vaccine would prevent getting or transmitting Covid was not panning out. Rodgers was told by the NFL that he was just a “conspiracy theorist”. 

During the summer of 2021, several NFL players had opted to avoid taking the Covid vaccines. Some were nervous about the lack of normal testing that had taken place during the rush to get a vaccine to market. In the past, the mainstream media had always been skeptical about any drugs that the big pharmaceutical companies had developed. Numerous investigative reporters would uncover instances of major drug companies fabricating data or hiding unfavorable data from drug trials. This time, any reporter who asked questions about the rush to get the vaccines to market was labeled a conspiracy theorist and ignored by the mainstream media. Sports reporters like Mike Florio became cheerleaders for the major pharmaceutical companies and jeered any player who “didn’t get the jab.” 

Florio jeered Minnesota Viking quarterback Kirk Cousins because he chose to not take the vaccine. Florio implied he was not being a good teammate and he was endangering the lives of his teammates and their families. 

The reality of how the NFL was treating vaxxed versus non-vaxxed players was not discussed by Florio and his fellow sportswriters. Vaccinated players were tested every 2 weeks. Unvaccinated players were tested daily and not allowed in the team facilities until the test results came back with a negative result. In reality, the vaccinated players were contracting Covid even though we were told they could not catch Covid. These players could then spread the virus to their teammates and game opponents. Non-vaccinated players were tested daily and thus the likelihood of them spreading the virus was much lower than the vaccinated players.

Sportswriters such as Florio did not take time to research the probability of unvaccinated players spreading the virus. Instead, they joined in lock-step with Big Pharma and yelled that Rodgers and his anti-vaxx cohorts were acting with reckless disregard for the health of society. 

Looking back at the entire NFL vaccine saga it is apparent that the NFL and their sportswriter followers such as Florio did not care about the reality that the vaccines were failing in their basic purpose which was to stop the public from getting infected with Covid. Florio and his cohorts castigated those that thought for themselves and decided that the lack of basic vaccine testing gave them pause from accepting the big pharmaceutical companies’ claims about the safety of the vaccines. 

In retrospect it is bizarre that normally skeptical people like Florio completely accepted that vaccinations should be mandatory for healthy athletes and those that refused should be ostracized and shunned. It makes one understand how easy it was for a certain dictator in Germany in the mid-1930’s to coerce intelligent people into believing that discriminating against a certain race of people would fix all their economic problems.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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