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Tales from the Mark Side: Joe Biden becomes the new queen of late night horror

Tales from the Mark Side

The Conservative Voice in Manatee County

Joe Biden becomes the new queen of late night horror

By Mark Young


Move over Elvira, there’s a new Scream Queen in town and its name is Joe Biden.

I’m probably dating myself again with an Elvira reference, but boy oh boy, she may have been one of my first legit crushes watching her host late night horror flicks.

I certainly didn’t tune in for 1980s B horror flicks.

Elvira was just scary sexy. Joe Biden is just scary stupid.

But he definitely put on a horror show this week, complete with a hellish background and filled the time with evil rhetoric.

Last time I checked, special prime time addresses to the nation are typically reserved for major announcements such as an act of war, substantial policy change or something of substance.

This was none of those things. This was an address to the nation to attack freedom-loving Americans.

It was hard to watch Biden tell lie after lie about MAGA Americans without cursing at the TV like I was watching my beloved New York Giants losing yet another key NFC East game.

I’m hoping, by the way, the cursing will be at least moderate this football season, but I doubt that will be the case for the rest of this political season.

So Biden essentially schedules a national address but fails to mention the border crisis, inflation, recession, Russia’s attempted genocide of the Ukrainian people, China’s threats toward Tawain and America, a resurgence of Middle East hostilities toward America, North Korean nuclear missile tests, the Taliban enslaving a nation, and oh so much more.

Nope, Biden instead yelled at Americans like the elderly neighbor screaming for us to get off his lawn, calling us a threat to democracy and that’s he essentially at war with us for the “soul of the nation.”

Well here’s the funny thing about the battle for souls. It’s always about good vs. evil. God vs. satan, if you will.

So yes, there is indeed a battle for the soul of the nation going on today. And it’s a matter of whether good will win, or if the liberals will win. Good vs. evil in its simplest form.

Democrats, or satan in this scenario, are fighting for the dark soul of this nation. So maybe Obama was right when he mocked rural America with his “clinging to guns and religion,” remark.

We do need to cling to God and most definitely our guns if democrats are continuously going to attack Conservatives with dangerous rhetoric.

Can you imagine if Trump got up on stage with that menacing dark red and black lighting with U.S. Marines in the background and just started yelling at half of America while using the exact same rhetoric Biden used?

Oh my Lord, the media would have flipped out. Pelosi would have launched yet another impeachment attempt and crying liberals would be scrambling for their safe places in fear of the “bad man.”

And speaking of those poor Marines who had to stand behind Biden during his tirade, what was that image supposed to project to America while Biden was yelling at us like a drunk stepfather calling us worthless and weak.

They would have had to drum me right out of the military before I accepted an order for that duty. Especially knowing that the crazy old man doing all the yelling got 13 of my brothers and sisters killed just over a year ago and had the nerve to check his watch as each coffin was unloaded.

No way. I would have told my commanders that I reserve the right not to follow an immoral order because that’s what it was. To use Marines as a political prop is just pathetic.

At the end of the day, I’m sick of this worthless politician and his liberal minions climbing on top of the bully pulpit and berating my values when, in fact, they have no values at all.

For anyone who knows me, I’m not the kind of man that would just sit there and let someone insult me, lecture me and lie about me for an hour without taking action.

That action is coming in November. I hang onto the hope that we are not alone in watching this political horror show continue to unfold within the Bizarro world where liberals live.

I continue to have hope that the majority of America is watching this and acknowledge it for the nonsense that it is.

I guess we’ll see in a few short months where America stands.

Until then my fellow Patriots, stay vigilant, stay aware and stay informed. Barring yet another turn toward the weird from the left, we’ll get back to our political show at our next visit.

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