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Don’t NewYork-ify Florida

What is wrong with New York City? For decades NYC was America’s crown jewel and attracted visitors from all over the world. Sinatra sang “if I can make it there I’ll make it anywhere.” Wealthy people from around the world bought condos so they could enjoy the shows, museums and world-class dining venues. Athletes longed for the chance to shine in the Big Apple. 

Today, NYC appears to be the next Detroit; abandoned by the business class and left to rot from the inside. How could the ruling liberal elite of NYC allow this to happen? 

Rudy Guliani, before he became a Trump sycophant, helped bring NYC back from the malaise of the 70’s and 80’s. He installed strong leaders in the New York Police Department (NYPD) and took back the streets from the criminals. This was not an easy task as the city had become a haven for drug addicts, prostitutes and street criminals. Aggressive and proactive police tactics made the turn-around occur. The tourists came back because they no longer feared the street crime. 

In life, success often breeds complacency. In NYC during the good times of the Bloomberg administration, the African-American community began to complain about the police tactics. The African-American leadership claimed the “stop and frisk” tactics used by the NYPD resulted in the incarceration of many minority young people. Legal challenges resulted in the decision by the NYPD to end the “stop and frisk policy”. 

NYC then elected a proud leftist, Bill de Blasio, as Mayor and the proverbial crap hit the fan.The NYPD began to feel they were disrespected by and lacked the support of the city administration.

As a result, the police began to step back from confrontations with criminals in order to avoid being held liable for unfavorable outcomes. The criminal class realized the teacher was absent and a substitute was at the podium. 

Just to make sure things would go down-hill for the city, the voters elected prosecutors who believed that African- Americans should not be prosecuted for many crimes. The elites of the education establishment began telling minorities that they lived in a racist country and were the victims of inherent racism and could not succeed in this country. 

Every action has a reaction. As crimes stopped being prosecuted and criminals realized they could commit crimes without the worry of prosecution, lawlessness has ensued. Suddenly, Asian-Americans have become a target of African-Americans. Random street attacks occur against Asian-Americans on a weekly basis. 

The result has been tourists avoiding the city and businesses and residents relocating. This could have been avoided. 

New York City needs a new Guliani to step up and take back the streets. Sadly, it seems the current mayor, Eric Adams, is just another version of de Blasio. 

This trend is being repeated in cities across the country. Thankfully, the citizens of Manatee County continue to support politicians and school board members who respect the rule of law. We must remain vigilant. Many people are relocating to our

beautiful area. We must not allow them to NEWYORK-IFY Florida!!!

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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